Scuba Bali Diving Holiday

How to Plan Diving Holidays in Bali

The first thing you need to consider when planing a scuba diving holiday in Bali is how much diving in Bali you actually like to do. Some holiday programs let you enjoy one or two dives a day, others three or four, and some like Bali diving safari even combine diving with another activity. Next important thing is to figur out where in Bali you like to dive and how much you like to travel. Do you prefer easy conditions good for beginner divers, or are you an underwater photographer specialist and looking for photographic brilliance, or maybe you are somebody who just like to learn or try scuba diving on of the many Bali PADI scuba diving courses.

What to Consider Before Going Bali Diving

Next thing you need think about is your Bali accommodation as this can have a big effect on over all feeling your holiday will give you. Are you traveling solo, or with kids, partner or in a big diving group?  If you want a relaxed diving and when you are travelling with your family or friends – some of whom may not want to dive – or aren’t sure about it, then a resort based diving holiday in diving resort is probably best for you. You have the comfort of a hotel room and very personal special Bali diving packages ranging from very basic ones up to more richest options. Resort restaurant and local culture around the resort is big plus too. Diving resort holidays will make your vacation organisation basically for you from a scratch or basic idea.

World class Bali Diving

With the extraordinary beauty of Indonesia’s crystal blue waters and diverse marine life, it is no surprise that Indonesia continues to be the world’s top diving destination. Eight out of ten best dive centres and Diving Resorts can be found in this country! If you think variety is the spice of life, you have to visit and dive the Indonesia and Bali dive sites. 17 000 islands won’t let you down. Want to dive with sharks, manta rays, turtles or octopus? From muck diving in Padangbai, to wrecks in Tulamben, to big ocean creatures at Manta Point in Nusa Penida, Bali is a scuba diver’s paradise.

The best scuba diving holiday should combine luxury with affordability. OK Divers can help you out finding the perfect Special Bali deals. Dive destination of Bali is the perfect island to visit for a diving holiday combing great scuba with quality accommodation and a stunningly entreating Bali culture and landscape. Bali is affordable and offers fantastic value for money! If you’re looking to take a truly restful break, where you don’t have to worry about anything at all, consider going on a Bali dive holiday.

Bali Holiday insurance

Make sure you are covered for scuba diving on holiday! The DAN (Divers Alert Network) has the most comprehensive and complex insurance for diverstoday. You can easily sign up for 1 to 30 dayor a whole year diving protection plan that will cover diving incidents occurring on your Bali diving holiday. Scuba diving insurance let you to enjoy your time diving rather than thinking about the financial consequences in case an accident happens.

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Bali Diving Resort

OK Divers had been arranging award winning diving holidays in Bali for nearly 20 years. Our experienced resort team is committed to crafting memorable diving vacation around Bali. We create programs and itineraries that are as individual as you are. Join the thousands of divers and travellers that trust diving resort OK Divers to make their dreams come true. World class Bali diving, exclusive experiences, great value and exceptional customer service is just an email away.

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