Uluwatu Land Tour

This Bali tour starts at 08:00 am from our hotel in Padangbai and will lead you to the South tip of Bali where we will make the first stop at the famous Uluwatu temple. Dating back to the 11th century, this temple sits on a 70 meters high cliff what also describes its name with “Ulu” meaning top and “Watu” meaning rock or stone. Not only does it offer stunning views, but it is also believed to protect the island from the South.

The Bali Uluwatu temple is the kingdom of the macaque monkeys which are believed to protect it from negative spirits. They are known to be rather cheeky so beware of your jewelry, caps or anything else the monkeys might like to steal from you.

The guardian of the Bali South

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Lunch is not included in this tour, however, there are many traditional Bali warungs – small restaurants perched on the Uluwatu cliff which offer great meals and cold drinks with a beautiful view of the vast Indian Ocean below the high cliffs. Afterwards, we will take you to explore one of the many beautiful beaches the South of Bali has to offer.

  • Uluwatu is not just a regular temple but actually considered as one of the holiest places on the island
  • The area around Uluwatu is also a world-class surfing location.
  • West coast of Bali is the perfect place to catch the sunset. Wherever you go, you will most likely spot a very beautiful natural scenery.
  • All the beaches in Bali do not look alike! You can find here many with white sand but also ones with black volcanic sand
  • The official language in Bali is Indonesian, however, island inhabitants have also their own language – Balinese.
  • There are only 4 million people on the island, however, it is visited by more than 5 million tourists each year.
  • The island was already populated 4 thousand years ago
  • The name Bali was officially used for the first time in the year of 914
  • Each Balinese village has its own chief cook which manages cooking rituals.
  • Besides the official police, Bali the local religious police called Pecalang.
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