River Rafting Land Tour

Looking for a bit of excitement and Bali action, besides Bali scuba diving? Then we recommend the white water rafting in the heart of Bali. Whether you are 5 or 65 years old, prepare yourself for a thrilling Bali fun yet safe activity with a lot of water splashing and active paddling in the fresh river surrounded by thick Balinese jungle of highlands in central Bali and a rice field or two.

There is excitement waiting for you at each bend of the river, including down dams, pools with beautifully clear water, small waterfalls, rock cliffs, natural ramps, and vortexes finished with a jump into the hot springs. The two hours of rafting will take you close to the lush fauna and flora and ends with a rewarding lunch in the on-site restaurant with marvelous views. Upon availability, there is also afternoon rafting in Bali possible. Just write us a request.

Rafting Bali adventure

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  • Swim wear
  • Sunscreen
  • Sandals or neoprene booties
  • Extra water
  • Return transport to our hotel in Padangbai
  • Bottle of water
  • Snacks
  • Rafting & safety equipment
  • Towels & showers
  • Most of the waterfalls in Bali are situated in the jungle and mountains, making rafting an ideal alternative for exploring them if you don’t feel like hikin.
  • Rafts were invited around 1840 by the American army for transporting people and goods.
  • In 1972 was this sport introduced at the Olympic Games in Munich.
  • There is an official scale for ranking the difficulty of rapids going from class I (Easy) up to Class VI (Unraftable).
  • Even though Bali is a relatively small island, it has impressive 400 rivers. Sadly, around 200 of them have dried up as a result of human’s activity.
  • The longest river of the island is Ayun River measuring approximately 75 kilometers.
  • Bali has a unique specie of bird called the Bali Starling. It is characteristic by white feather and blue marks around its eyes.
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