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Are you keen on diving but don’t know what to choose from? We have asked our customers what from diving in Bali they like the most and prepared a diving program based on our best-sellers. During three days of diving, you will get a little taste of everything – beautiful manta rays at Nusa Penida, 50-years sunken wreck in Tulamben and bustling underwater life in Padangbai.

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Since we are based in Padangbai Bali village for over a decade and dive here on a daily basis, we know each square meter of every Padangbai dive site. We can take you to often hidden and unknown places and adjust the diving based on your own interests and preferences.


As there are more than 7 diving spots, we can find in Padangbai something for everyone. Some dive sites in Bali are great for macro and muck diving with soft corals (Jepun or Drop Off), at others you discover beautiful reef life (Blue Lagoon) or you can have fun at swim through and slopes, and maybe even see some sharks (Shark point or White Sand beach). Just tell us what you like and we will gladly show you around.

Doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, seeing a giant oceanic manta ray will take your breath away. We will take you on an exciting one-hour boat ride around beautiful cliffs, channel and rocky coast of Nusa Penida, all the way to the Manta Point Nusa Penida. This location is unique because mantas are not only passing by. Instead, circle around and enjoy being cleaned by small fishes.


Honestly speaking, the possibility of seeing them is still around 95% and you will usually see at least 4 or 5 of them. On some lucky days, it can be truly impressive as you might dive with 30 or 40 manta rays, literally everywhere around you. Another interesting fact is that this place is already in the Indian ocean, so the waves are often larger.


For the second dive, we take you to the famous Crystal Bay Nusa Penida. As the name already states, the water here is indeed clear and you can enjoy vivid and colorful coral gardens. This is a bay shaped like a horseshoe with an island in the middle which creates a secure conditions for diving the channel that connects Indian ocean with the Lombok strait. Crystal Bay is also well-known thanks to chance to spot Mola-Mola in late July to October.

What’s better than finishing this trip with something truly unique – the most accessible shipwreck in Asia? This US Army cargo ship sank after it was torpedoed in 1942 by a Japanese submarine and beached in the village of Tulamben Bali till 1963 when the lava from volcano eruption pushed it under water.

Since then it slowly turned into a home for thousands of underwater creatures.  In fact, it reminds more of an artificial coral reef than the actual ship.

It is not only mysterious by its past, but also the black sand bottom underneath creates a truly unusual atmosphere. We will explore it from the depth of 3 to 30 meters and show you how beautifully it is overgrown with macro.

You will see a great variety of soft and hard corals which became home to all kinds of tropical fish you can think of. If you are lucky, some barracuda, napoleon wrasse, bumphead parrotfish, and occasionally even shark can show up here.

  • 3 days of diving in Bali, 2 guided morning dives each day for 2 divers
  • Nitrox for certified divers
  • Diving equipment
  • Refreshments on the boat between the dives (tea, fruit, cookies)
  • Lunch at our restaurant after the dives (set menu: main course and water)
  • Transport from OK Divers to the dive sites
  • Dive center facilities – showers, toilets, pool
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