Bedugul Land Tour

This Bali tour starts at 08:00 am and will take you to the mountain area of Central Bali. The first stop on the way will be the UNESCO listed rice fields of Jatiluwih. You will be amazed by a view on 600 hectares of bright green paddies laying under the scenery of mountains. What’s special about these rice fields is the watering system dating back to the 9th century called “Subak” which along with precise cooperation of the farmers enables them to harvest 3-times a year. These picturesque Bali rice fields are just amazing to look at.

Our journey will then continue to the mountain area of Bedugul. This area is famous for farming and growing of different vegetables. With 3 beautiful lakes, it is also worshiped as an important water source. Probably the most well-known among them and second-largest one in Bali is lake Bratan, found in colder climate thanks to its location in altitude of 1240 meters above the sea level.

The "water source" of Bali

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Before having a lunch break, we will visit the temple Pura Ulun Danu Beratan which is one of Bali’s most iconic sightseeings, often pictured in postcards and articles about the island. It is a 17th-century temple dedicated to the goddess of rice, Dewi Sri, built for the purpose of establishing prosperity, fertility and human well-being.


After lunch, we will visit the local fruit and souvenir market and then start making our way back to the diving resort in Padangbai.

  • The word Jatiluwih means in the Balinese language “Beautiful Teak”.
  • The average growth cycle for rice is 105 days what is also the time interval when water temples hold their ceremonies.
  • Besides the temple cycles, Balinese have also their own 210-day religious calendar system for scheduling holidays.
  • Balinese love the rice so much that they even have a goddess of it called Dewi Sri.
  • Some places in Bali even hold special bull races across the rice fields to make the gods of harvest happy.
  • Jatiluwih rice fields were even visited by former US President Barack Obama and his family.
  • Indonesia scores number three in the amount of rice produced in the world.
  • Rice is the base of almost every Indonesian meal and local people eat it on average 3 times a day. Some even think that a meal without rice is not a proper one.
  • Bedugul area is known as the only place in Bali where they grow strawberries so you should get some freshly picked ones on your visit.
  • The temple’s name “Ulun Danu” literally means above the lake.
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