Bali Mola Mola Diving

Seeing the famous sunfish or mola-mola eye to eye is a dream of almost every diver. Even though Crystal Bay Nusa Penida is certainly known for good chances to spot these creatures, it is often overcrowded what makes it less enjoyable. Therefore, we have decided to take you to lesser-known locations with still good chances of seeing them. When you meet mola mola on one of these Bali dive sites, you observe them closely and have time to take pictures. We care about your experience and that’s why we would rather trade the higher probability of seeing the sunfish for more intense moments with them.

Three days of diving in Bali at small islands Mimpang, Tepekong, and Biaha will also amaze you with beautiful topography full of rock structures, walls, pillars, and caves. If you will be in Bali during either full moon or new moon, the chances to see them are slightly higher so this is the tour you definitely should not miss! Read our recommedation about how to behave around mola mola to get the most from diving with them.

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Wall and slope Bali dives

Gili Mimpang Bali, also known as Batu Tiga consists of three large rocks and another half dozen smaller ones. Stronger currents here ensure that corals are in excellent health and visibility is often up to 25 meters. Right after descending to the depth of 20 meters, we begin our search for mola-mola. Our first stop is the plateau with their cleaning station, in the depth of 25 meters. From there we move on to the reef which slowly turns into a coral slope, where mola-mola likes to clean too.


During the super-moon in 2015, we were lucky enough to spot 14 of them here on one dive few days in a row! From the slope, we will swim to a steep wall going down to 70 meters. You can feel the power of the waves even in 25 meters. The diving plan depends on mola-mola. If we meet them, we will rather spend more time with these beauties instead of going further at the dive site.

Canyon and swim-through Bali dives

We will start to dive Gili Tepekong Bali at the wall on the east side which reaches up to 60 meters. This is the place where molas like to go for cleaning. Besides that, it offers beautiful topography with cavities and a swim-through at 25 meters. We will stick to the slope after the swim through on its south side which is, by the way, another mola-mola cleaning spot.

If the conditions allow, our skilled guides will also take you to the south-west of the island, to experience the famous Canyon. Maybe you have heard about the strong down current known as the Toilet, and this is the place where you can find it. The canyon is the goal of many divers as there are many pelagics, enormously large schools of fishes such as sweetlips, jacks, and groupers, and the topography will remind you of a ruined Roman amphitheater.

With the depth ranging from 10 to 30 meters, currents and stunning rock formations Gili Biaha Bali is an excellent dive site to enjoy. We will start our mola-mola search at the beautiful drop off and slowly swim onto the wall with terraces. Wall will impress you with its beautiful pillar-like lava formations. Among others, there are chances to see banner-fish or Moorish idol. Afterwards, we will move onto the nicely formed slope in the north of the island, hoping to spot mola-mola there.

Besides the famous sunfishes, Gili Biaha Bali is certainly known for its Shark Cave in the depth of 12 meters. Equipped with torches, we will swim through and find some white tip reef sharks and lobsters peacefully resting here. Each time we dive here we experience these strong and impressive feelings from being inside the dark cave.

You will be stunned to feel the pressure change as soon as the wave hits.  What else this diving in Bali can offer? Well the view of the crystal-clear water with many kinds of schooling fishes on your way out from the cave is truly beautiful too.

However, if the conditions are not good, or there are higher chances for mola-mola elsewhere, we will return to Gili Mimpang or Gili Tepekong.

  • experienced dive guide
  • 3 days of diving, 2 guided morning dives each day for 2 divers
  • Nitrox for certified divers
  • Scuba equipment
  • Refreshments on the boat between the dives (tea, fruit, cookies)
  • Lunch at our restaurant after the dives (set menu: main course and water)
  • Comfortable transport from OK Divers to the dive sites
  • Dive center facilities – showers, toilets, pool
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