Gili Tepekong Bali Dive Site

Gili Tepekong Bali Dive Site

It takes approximately 15 minutes by our diving boat to get to Gili Tepekong from our dive centrein Padangbai. Tepekong does offer some spectacular diving, but it demands respect from every diver too. Bali dive site Gili Tepekong is small island that offers some of the most impressive and entertaining diving in Bali. Diving Gili Tepekong is always exceptional and exiting.

Diving in Bali with white tip reef sharks

Great walls, the canyon, small caves, strong currents coupled with superb marine life and stunning hard and soft coral makes this Bali dive site an unforgettable experience. On many dives here apart form typical variety of coral fish you can expect to see white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, barracudas, napoleon wrasses, trevalies, jackfish, tunas, and in the season as well the mighty oceanic sunfish or mola mola. Conditions on Gili Tepekong are very changeable so a good diving guide is essential. Gili Tepekong Bali is one of our favorite Bali dive sites and we are so lucky to have it only 15 minutes boat ride from Padangbai

Why to dive at Gili Tepekong Bali?

  • Exciting and adrenaline dive guaranteed!
  • Mola Mola cleaning station
  • The famous Canyon, sometimes called ‘The Toilet’
  • Very good chances to spot reef sharks and pelagics on your diving vacation
  • Dramatic topography with rock pinnacles, wall and swim-through
  • Hard and soft corals and small critters living in crevices

Interesting facts about white-tip reef sharks in Bali:

  • They are very social fish and you can often find them in groups and they even hunt together.
  • They will usually return to the same hiding spot after every night hunt, so once we know where some of them live, there is a strong possibility that we can find them at the same spot next time.
  • Their unique feature comparing to other shark species is the ability to pump water over their gills to breathe. Thanks to this, they can rest on one spot during the day without the need to swim constantly in order to breathe.
  • Along with the blacktip reef shark and gray reef shark, it is one of the most frequent sharks in the Indo-Pacific.
  • It is possible to recognize them easily thanks to their curious, irregular style of swimming style and the white tip on its dorsal fin.
  • Comparing to other shark species, white tip reef sharks are very slim.
  • They usually grow up to 2.5 meters and weight maximum of 20 kilograms.
  • White-tip reef sharks prefer to hunt at night and feed mostly on octopus, lobsters, eels, crustaceans, and crabs.
  • Females give birth to 1 to 6 pups at a time and pregnancy lasts for 10 to 13 months.
  • Even though they are very curious, their threat to humans is minimal.
  • The newborn whitetip reef sharks will measure between 50-60 centimeters and will receive no parental care from either parent.

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Duration: 9am - 1.30pm
Dives: 2

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