Padangbai Bali Diving

Thanks to the combination of our throughout knowledge of diving spots in Padangbai, precise skills of our guides and passion for local dive sites, we are happy to take you on beautiful diving around this coastal village. Since we have been diving in Bali for more than 15 years, we are experts on marine fauna, flora, and topography of these locations and cannot wait to show you the best out of them!

These 2 or 3 days diving packages in Padangbai with various numbers of dives will give you an idea how diverse the diving in Bali can be. You will have a chance to experience a great mixture of interesting dive spots suitable for experienced divers, beginners, macro lovers as well as adventurous souls. Some sites are truly great for observing rare macro and soft corals (Jepun, Jetty, Drop off), reef with tropical fish (Blue Lagoon), topography with cavities and slopes (Channel) or even enjoying some fun drifts and chances to spot sharks (White sand beach and Shark point). To make it truly memorable, you can finish your adventures on a very colorful night dive and if you are lucky, you will even experience the fluorescent plankton. We are always eager to adjust the program according to what you like the most and level of your skills.

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Choose from following Padangbai dive sites:

This dive site is thanks to its unusual shape called Baung Penyu, what in Indonesian means the neck of the turtle. It is ideal for beginners, experienced divers as well as macro photographers.  We will begin the dive at the sandy bottom at little bay in the north. First, we will explore the easy slope starting with a busy coral garden. This diving spot is exceptionally good for macro with chances to see feather star, mantis shrimp, seahorse, pipefish or morays.


Our next stop would be a small yet steep wall with chances to find hunting cuttlefish on the bottom. Once we get into shallower parts of this Bali dive site, we will take a look at the cracks in the wall usually occupied by frogfish. If the conditions allow, we will continue to the deeper part of Blue lagoon which will please the eyes of macro lovers with many little critters and a colony of black corals.

This small bay is only 5 minutes away from our diving resort and is beloved especially by scuba beginners. We will start at the white sand bottom in front of the well-known beach and slowly swim along the slope that is home to cleaner shrimps and other macro wonders. From here we will move onto a very photogenic coral garden full of life and small species. We will finish this dive on a large plateau in the shallower part with a lot of coral formations.

Our macro lovers will fall in love with diving in Jetty. The primary purpose of this site was to use it as a docking station for cruise ships but due to poor engineering, it never happened.  Instead, it turned into a nursery for juvenile fishes and its man-made pillars became covered by beautiful soft corals. Such conditions are making it an ideal place for small hunters like cuttlefish, wasp-fish, leaf scorpionfish, mantis shrimps or sepias searching here for their prey. If you like taking underwater pictures, this is the right spot for you!

Jepun is an excellent option for those who like macro, rare critters and dive with their camera. You can enjoy an easy dive at the white sand slope full of unusual marine species, ready to be photographed. This dive site can be divided into 2 or 3 parts with a slope, small wreck at 17 meters or a secret patch. Chances are that you will meet some rhinopias, crabs, seahorses, shrimps and colorful nudibranchs. Usually there is no current, making this location great for diving newbies, too!

Also known as Tanjung sari or Silayukti point, this Bali dive site is only 5 minutes away from our dive center. Current is making this location very interesting because the underwater inhabitants are different from the ones you see in areas with no drifts. These waters are rich with nutrition making it popular spot for larger fish, huge schools of redtooth triggerfish, juvenile schools of batfish or turtles.


Lava formations such as rocks and cavities in the shallower part create a dramatic topography and good spots for observing the marine life even when the currents are stronger. What’s more, these rocks are often home to moray eels patiently waiting here for their prey. In general, it is a very nice slope reef reaching to 30 meters with large pinnacles which can be a place for finding some whitetip sharks, peacefully resting here during the daytime.

If you have already dived in Padangbai before, we recommend you trying the White sand beach corner as it is relatively little-visited location comparing others in the area, but it still has a lot to offer. Our dive will start at the spot with black sand and we will swim towards the part with white sand so you will see this interesting color transition. The strong current here ensures interesting diversity of underwater life and you will have a lot to observe starting with lobsters, nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, sharks and on some lucky days also eagle rays.

Channel is the right choice for those who are skilled and demanding some very unusual experience because this is the least dived site in Padangbai. Why? As it is the place of regular ferry traffic you will have chance to get underwater only at specific times, making diving here very exciting. First off, we descend to 18 meters and explore plateau full of small cavities. We will swim on the left side to see the actual channel used by boats and you will be surprised how nicely it is covered by corals. Next, we will move towards the Shark point, hoping to spot some pelagic species and search for macro critters at the same time. Please note that this location has a stronger current and diving at this location is possible only in favorable water conditions.

Have You Ever Heard of Bioluminescence? Yes or not the cherry-pick of your two days of diving in Padangbai will be a true Bali night dive where yo can experience this nature phenomena. You will see a completely different marine life from what you might observe here during the day. Night awakes underwater creatures that do you like the sunlight such as giant basket stars, numerous sea pens or many soft corals that will be now in their full beauty.


On this colorful adventure, you will not be surrounded by many fishes but instead, we will observe the night hunters such as decorated or army crabs. Of course, the bioluminescent plankton that we will be able to spot once we turn off our torches. The choice of dive site always depends on water conditions and our most usual options are Drop off thanks to its busy underwater life and Jepun because of its charming macro.

  • 2 or 3 days of diving, selected number of guided dives in total for 2 divers
  • Nitrox for certified divers
  • Scuba equipment
  • Refreshments on the boat between the dives (tea, fruit, cookies)
  • Lunch at our restaurant after the dives (set menu: main course and water)
  • Transport from OK Divers to the dive sites
  • Dive center facilities – showers, toilets, pool
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