PADI - Advanced Open Water Diver Course

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course “Adventures in Diving” in Padangbai program is the next step beyond the PADI Open Water Certification and one of the reasons why you should continue your scuba diving education. The aim of this PADI diving course in Bali is to expand on your knowledge and skills gained in your Open Water Course and to develop more confidence to broaden your diving horizons. The course involves five adventure dives spread over two or three days.

This PADI course helps divers to build confidence and expand the scuba skills through different type of adventure dives. To qualify as an PADI Advanced Diver in Bali you must complete mandatory deep dive to 30 meters and a navigation dive as well as 3 or more adventure dives.

In Open Water Diver Course, you learned the basics and most important diving skills to scuba dive. PADI Advanced Diving Course in Bali is enhancing those skills, and teaching you more how to think and act like an experienced diver. It gives you opportunity to gain more diving experience and try different scuba specialities under the direct supervision of a diving instructor. The PADI Advanced Open Water Course is made of five different adventure dives. The AOWD course it’s done in two days, with max three dives being completed in one day. Usually this will consist of two day dives at our Bali dive sites and a night dive, if you choose the night diving in Padangbai as one of the options.

We seek adventure where others only dream

We seek adventure where others only dream

Learn more about PADI - Advanced OWD Course

The dives in the Advanced Open Water course are different from those in your PADI Open Water course. The adventure dives are more like regular diving in Bali, except that during and before the dive you focus on a particular diving specialty. It’s an opportunity to try a selection of different specialties to see which interests you the most.

  • Practical and theoretical aspects of deep diving
  • Physiological effects of deep diving
  • Other ways how to use the underwater compass
  • Navigate using kick-cycles, landmarks and time
  • How to improve the use of a dive computer
  • Much more depending on the Adventure Dives you choose
  • Boat dive
  • Digital Underwater Imaging
  • Drift dive
  • Enriched Air Nitrox Dive
  • Fish ID dive
  • Night dive
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Search & Recovery dive
  • Underwater naturalist diver
  • Wreck diver
  • Knowledge development part, it may be completed through PADI eLearning
  • Five open water adventure dives at our local Bali dive sites such as Padangbai Bali or Tulamben Bali where you will focus on a particular field of speciality and become more familiar with all spects of scuba diving.

PADI Electronic learning (eLearning) is the education, using mobile device or web browser. PADI eLearning allows you to begin and continue your scuba-diving education at your home, using your desktop or mobile device. With PADI eLearning, you can complete the academic portion of the advanced cours at your own pace. You can study anytime and everywhere you have an internet connection or after you have downloaded the course. If your schedule on diving holiday in Bali with OK Divers is busy or you just prefer the easy and convenienced learning from your mobile device or computer, eLearning is a good choice.

Pros of PADI eLearning:
  • Do all your theory for the Advanced diving course online before your arrival in Bali
  • Dive straight into the practical part of your course
  • eLearning save your time on vacation in Bali
  • Study at your own pace through interactive, convenient computer-based programmes
  • eLearning is designed to make things as convenient for you as possible
  • You’ll have our full support during your eLearning proces if you wish to contact us to ask any questions
  • Quality over quantity
  • Experienced instructors
  • Small number of students in class per diving instructor
  • Tropical island diving resort
  • World class diverse diving
  • Resort great location in Bali
  • Our aim is to treat each and every customer as an individual
  • Highest professional and safety standards
  • Returning customer discount
  • Accommodation in Padangbai Bali
  • PADI materials
  • Five Adventure dives
  • Your PADI certification
  • Diving Log Book
  • Full set of scuba diving equipment
  • Personal attention from PADI instructor
  • Diving lunch and refreshements during dives
  • Tropical weather in Bali

Advanced course is a two day course and the theory can be completed online through e-learning. Every day begins and ends at the dive centre.

  • Day 1: Course Introduction, theory review and two or three dives aroud Bali
  • Day 2: Knowledge development and two or three dives around Bali 

Bali Dive Sites we use for the Advanced Open Water Diver Course in Bali are dependent on weather and sea conditions although we generally use dive sites around Padangbai, Tulamben and Nusa Penida usually based on the type of adventure dives the diver chooses.

  • You must hold an Open Water Diver certification (PADI, SSI/NAUI or an other equivalent).
  • The minimum age is 12 years old; please note that participants aged 12-16 years will receive a Jnr. Advanced Licence.
  • Be in good Health
  • Remember the rulles when flying after diving when you book your flight. Read more in our blog scuba diving and flying.
  • Access and enjoy deeper water
  • Improve diving skills
  • Try night dive
  • Feel more confident
  • Continue you diving education and learn new skills
  • There is no better adventure than exploring
  • Making new diving friends
  • The advanced course is not only for „advanced“ divers. The purpose is to improve and learn new skills. Many divers choose to complete it right after Open Water course.
  • You will build upon your navigation skills and learn how to navigate over a longer distance, in low-visibility or night.
  • Most of the truly exciting dive sites while diving in Bali are below 18 meters and to access them, you will most probably need the AOWD certification.
  • Advanced dives such as Buoyancy control dive will improve your air consumption and you will learn how to control your position by using lungs.
  • You will have a chance to try new gadgets such as torch during the night dive as well as develop a deeper understanding of the standard gear you have used before.
  • By choosing specialty dives based on your interests, you can focus on specific skillset and start a new journey for instance as an underwater photographer.
  • Most of the popular wrecks are located deeper than 18 meters and AOWD can prepare you for diving them.
  • According to statistics, once you complete the advanced course, you are more likely to stick to diving for a lifetime.
  • This course will open the door to diving for you and allow you to complete additional certification such as Emergency First Response, Rescue and eventually maybe even Divemaster training.

Advance your diving skils in Bali

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Advance your diving skils in Bali

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