Map of Bali

We have prepared detailed a map of Bali for you. Bali is very popular with tourists and travellers not only from all around the world. We have been living in Bali for many years, so we have prepared this Bali map for your inspiration on your vacation in Bali. The Bali map is in English because we have prepared it for our guests and friends from all over the world.

On our Bali map you can find:

  • Day trips in Bali (Land tours)
  • The best beaches in Bali and Nusa Penida (Best Beaches in Bali & Nusa Penida)
  • Diving locations in Bali (Bali dive sites)
  • Snorkeling spots
  • Points of Interest in Bali (Useful Bali locations)
  • Activities in Bali (Bali Trips)

We are working hard to keep the map of Bali updated and we are adding other places of interest regularly so you know where to go and what to do in Bali.

For a full list of all places, routes and trips on Bali map, click on the icon next to “OK Divers Bali” in the upper left corner of the Bali map. You can select map layers or points on the map by clicking them directly on the map or in the menu bar.

Our Bali map can also be seen in Google Maps.

Learn more about Bali

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If you need more information, check when is the best time to visit Bali.

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