Bali Freediving

Freediving is another option for both divers and non-divers on vacation in Bali is to immerse yourself into the underwater world using just your own body, skills and capabilities. Our human bodies are well adapted to stay below the surface while holding our breath. We offer proven Apnea Academy freediving courses for all levels of experience. From people who like to just go down to 2 meters to see that beautiful, colorful fish up close while snorkeling or a complete Level 1 course enabling you to hold your breath for to 2 minutes and dive to the depth of 8 meters or even experienced freedivers who like to join us for a training session and explore some of the amazing Bali dive sites.

Whether you are looking for your first underwater experience while holding your breath, for learning the complete basics of freediving or for the improvement of your already existing skills we have something for you at OK Divers in Bali. You will be surprised how much your body is already adapted to stay underwater. You will experience such gravity-less state that will literally take your breath away. You will be amazed how easy it is to enhance your snorkeling experience with being able to dive to the depth of 5-10 meters right during the first day of your free-diving course. OK Divers Bali teaches proven Apnea Academy courses of all levels. 

Apnea Academy is one of the globally most renowned freediving schools founded and personally led by the famous Italian champion Umberto Pelizzari who after collecting almost every freediving world record dedicated his life to sharing his passion with people. Together with the international team of highly qualified instructors, Apnea Academy shows anyone interested in the ocean that freediving is not only beautiful but also accessible to everybody.

Freediving is truly for everybody. Kids can enjoy Discover Freediving starting from age of 12. People of any age can either begin the Discover Freediving or Level 1 Course provided that you have an adequate level of fitness. We have seen many times that once somebody experiences free-diving, it is really hard not to dive again and for many people freediving becomes one of their regular Bali vacation activities. What’s better than using just own body to immerse yourself in the amazing underwater world in Bali, teaming with life of all sorts of creatures that we will be happy to show you.

Learn more about Apnea Academy Freediving Courses

  • Enjoy a high level of freediving training, done at a superb diving resort in Bali. We have two swimming pools, air-conditioned classroom with pool window for great pictures, restaurant, pool bar and comfortable acommodation in hotel designed for divers.
  • The dive boat for further trips around the island is one of the best in Bali. She can carry up to 20 divers but still offering a lot of relaxation space on board. The boat carries first aid kit, life jackets, emergency oxygen, radio and GPS are also part of the equipment.
  • The crew and instructors are highly trained and offering a high level of professionalism. Your freediving instructor is Apnea Academy certified and have vast experience in Bali waters.
  • We provide the equipment that is in great shape, for free for the course participants.
  • Free lunch on training days.
  • From first contact, from your first underwater experience, your first breath hold, throughout the duration of your stay, we are here for you.
  • Save time, Save money, Freedive with us.
  • Apnea Academy Level 1 Course
  • Apnea Academy Level 2 Course
  • Apnea Academy Discover Freediving
  • Freediving workshop for surfers
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