Bali Canyoning Adventure

Explore the hidden beauty of Bali by entering the astonishing canyons with our experienced and certified instructors. Embark with us on an exciting expedition with a dose of adrenalin and lots of fun, abseiling, natural water sliding and even an eight-meter jump into a natural pool. You will admire volcanic rocks covered with green vegetation while exploring the canyons with rushing river and in the end, even swim in natural warm springs.

This activity full of a thrill is suitable for canyoning novices as well as for children of 8 years and older. If you already have some experience, this Bali tour is good preparation for more challenging canyons in Bali. We will depart early in the morning and experience a ride through the hilly parts of the island while appreciating beautiful natural sceneries of Bali rice fields and Lake Bratan. All participants should be adventure-prone, in good health and able to swim 25 meters.

Canyoning in Bali is nothing short of an awesome adventure

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  • Extra clothes
  • Towel
  • Waterproof camera
  • Your adventure spirit
  • Return transfer to our hotel
  • Full equipment including wetsuit, gloves, helmet etc.
  • Light breakfast
  • Snacks & Lunch
  • Water, tea / coffee
  • Qualified instructor & Assistant
  • Professional insurance up to 25 000 USD
  • What exactly is canyoning? It can be defined as a sport that applies a variety of different techniques to descent a river course. It is common to use jumps, swims, rope techniques and slides.
  • Even though canyoning had been recognized as a sport just recently, it is one of the oldest activities in nature.
  • The sport was invited by hikers and “buschwalkers”.
  • When it comes to canyoning in Bali, it started only in 2009.
  • Balinese were first hesitating towards this adventurous activity because canyons are perceived as sacred.
  • Bali is a tropical island with lush vegetation. On your canyoning adventure you will see tropical trees such as holy banyans, bamboo, palm and countless kinds of flowers such as jasmine, mangolias, orchids and bougainvillea.
  • When it comes to fauna, jungles of Bali are home to more than 300 species of birds, numerous monkey species, wild pigs and even civets.
  • Centuries ago, Balinese forests used to be home to elephants and tigers, too. Sadly, you will not be able to find these animals here anymore.
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