Diving Bali Gili Biaha

Cave Divers Have Real Fun

Gili Biaha in Bali is a rock island, with a rounded cap of grass and it is the most remote of the Amuk Bay sites, located about four kilometres northeast of Tepekong and 20 minits of boat drive from OK Divers in Padangbai. It is a beautiful steep drop-off reef, nicely fissured and terraced in places, rings most of the island, going to a slope in the north. The inside of the island’s curve is always protected from the current, but heavy swell can make things worse up near the reefs wall face, particularly for your boat captain who picks the divers up.

Bali Diving in The Cave

End of the rugged and terraced reef wall will lead into blowhole where a number of Reef Sharks can always be found under the overhang of the blowhole wall, inside also lives abundance of lobsters in between the cracked wall. While you scuba dive into the blowhole it is recomended to carry a quality light as inside it is really dark. There are swarms of reef fishes at this site, the beautiful Mayer’s Butterfly fish are rare through out of Bali reefs, is common in this site.

The only possible time for penetrating into the blowhole is when a small surge laps the reef wall and water is pounded out from there. The swirling current can occur at some places of the site and to be safe we recomend to stay close to the reef wall face and ascend a little distance from the reef wall face. The water temperature dips as below as 20 degrees C, so get ready with the proper wet suit to stay warm. The Gili Biaha divesite in Bali is recommended only for the experience scuba divers. With the depths of 10 to 35 metres, powerful current, and occasionally sighting of shark, made this place a perfect location to try your diving skill. You can also expect to see the beautiful sunfish in here.

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Duration: 9am - 1.30pm
Dives: 2

Diving Bali Gili Biaha Diving Bali Gili Biaha Diving Bali Gili Biaha Diving Bali Gili Biaha