Preserve the Environment

Most divers are aware of the fact that proper diving avoids contacts with any plant and animals they encounter. What probably would not occur to any responsible diver is to litter the ocean with objects that don’t belong there. Unfortunately the reality is such that the trash can be found in many popular dive sites. Whether it is caused by irresponsible fishermen, passing tourists or the litters on the beach being washed away to the ocean and end up underwater, it is definitely something we should not ignore or accept.

Scuba Diving and ecology

Dive sites all around the world are under the threat of destruction and this is why cleanup dives are organized. While scuba diving in Padangbai we sometimes find a lost fin or dropped weight. These are not exactly litters, but in any case they don’t belong in the sea and should be removed if possible. Organizing a cleanup dive is not as hard as you may think. With proper preparation based on our step-by-step guide you can start your own cleanup dive easily.

Pick a Dives Site and Time

There is no way you can clean up all dive sites around the world or not even within your location during a single cleanup dive event. Some sites are in better shape than others, so you should start with the worst one, yet easily accessible from your location. The first thing to consider is how popular the site is. With increasing popularity, more divers and tourists visit the place. If the site is located in an area near a harbor or even a busy road or any building where people work and play, there is a big chance you will collect more trash. But the good thing is that by setting a good example you encourage people to care more for the environment. We have to admit that we are very lucky; despite the fact that scuba diving in village of Padangbai is getting more and more popular, the local dive sites are in an amazing shape. Moreover the local community organizes regular beach clean ups where our dive resort OK Divers takes part with enthusiasm and that helps to keep the sea clean as well.

Timing is an important variable to consider as well. Please make sure you get enough time to prepare for everything for the cleanup dive. Do not schedule it far ahead as people may think of it as future event. Consider local events such as swimming race or surfing competitions, but it is good to pick a date that goes in harmony with a cleanup event such as Earth Day or World Ocean Day.

Name your diving clean up activity

Put a little bit of marketing thinking into the preparations. Giving your cleanup dive the right name might higher the chances of bigger turnout. Consider this a headline in a newspaper so you need to create simple yet eye-catching name that evokes emotions and awareness in people. Some simple but effective names are Save our Ocean or Save our Reef.

Call for Help

You cannot do the entire cleanup on your own. Not to mention you should always dive with a buddy at your side. You are definitely going to need help from fellow divers, dive resorts or even scuba diving organizations. Ask your friends to spread the word. The cheapest and most efficient tool is social media, not the mention that it is ecological too J. If you have any spare budget you can also put an ad in local newspaper. Don’t be afraid to go bigger. When respected diving organizations such as PADI or Project Aware are involved, your event will get more credibility and publicity is needs.

Money for your ecoligal project

Unfortunately you will not be able to organize a cleanup dive with zero expense. You have to bear in mind that not everyone can afford to own full scuba diving gear, and this is where a sponsorship might come really handy. You can try to contact diving operators running their business in the site and get better deals on rental gear. Donation event is also good, but a cleanup scuba diving is better when you have more resources to spend.

All in all, organizing a cleanup dive does not come for free. Being passionate about scuba diving, we applaud and cheer for everyone who decides doing so as we know that it is mostly thanks to responsible divers and visitors that the scuba diving in Padangbai is so amazing and litter-free.

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