The Etiquette of Scuba Diving

Mutual respect is the key to success

Scuba diving is one of the most exciting under water activities there is. You get to explore and see creatures that you may not have ever known existed. However, have you taken time to consider what scuba etiquette is and what rules you should follow?  If you’re planning to go diving in Padangbai in Bali or anywhere in the world, then there are a few things you should keep in mind.

How to Behave While Scuba Diving

Respect the Boat

There’s a code of ethics to being a good passenger. This includes asking for permission to board the boat and remaining in areas which are specifically designated for divers. You should also make sure that you don’t clutter the boat with your gear. This will not only show your good manners but also keep other people from tripping over or getting injured by unsecured gear.

Respect the Chain Of Command

There are several divers who will have had an ample amount of diving experience and would like to help others with their training. However, you should always leave the teaching to the scuba diving instructors. Though you may be highly qualified for this sport and have an endless amount of diving certifications, it is best if you focus on enjoying the experience itself. Moreover, you yourself should also listen and respect instructions given to you by the dive master or the crew.

Respect Other People’s Time

Unfortunately there are only certain blocks of time allotted for each diving session or fun dive. And the session can easily be unnecessarily shortened if someone takes too much time putting on their scuba gear or strays away from the rest of the group and explores on their own. So try to change into your gear as early as possible and remember to remain with your group at all times.

Respect Marine Life

Sure, we’re all excited about taking part in a underwater life that we rarely get to experience, however we can not emphasize enough how important it is that you do not disturb the creatures of the sea. Simply observing from a distance is the best way to preserve this precious deep blue environment. Remember you are only a visitor to their home. Touching corals or chasing turtles, molas or whatever fish is an absolute no-no. It is also thanks to the considerate scuba divers that we are able to show you the colourful and healthy underwater life while scuba diving in Padangbai.

The list of dos and don’ts obviously does not end here. We will bring you more tips soon. In the meantime we invite you to explore the beautiful dive sites around Bali with us. Click here for more information on scuba diving in Padangbai and around.

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