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If you’re going abroad this summer make sure you will have the best holiday and visit as many places as you can. Actually, if you are in Bali and your are going to Gilis, you should stop in willage of Padangbai. Despite its small size and tranquil atmosphere there are enough things to see and do in Padangbai to keep most people happy for a few days. Padangbai is a small port town in East Bali with charming beach and serene atmosphere. Padangbai is charming little place in its own right and many people cancel their trip in order to spend more time in this lovely small town. Spending a night or two here will certainly not be time wasted since Padangbai offers many interesting activities to do to spend your holiday ranging from sightseeing to scuba diving, from the land to underwater region.

Have you heard of Padangbai?

As you arrive in Padangbai, White Sand Beach is to your right and a 15 minute walk up and over a hill. You can’t see it if you’re in the town, but you can catch a glimpse of it from the water if you take the ferry over to Lombok. To get to Bias Tugal, walk over a hill south of the ferry terminal. You will find good snorkelling and nice warungs just right on the beach. Other place for very nice snorkelling is Blue Lagoon beach over a hill in the north. Both beaches has really good diving too with amazing hard and soft coral scenery with sharks, turtles, rays, great macro and much more.

Bali to Gili Trawangan

Spend an extra day in Padangbai and you’ll find you have plenty to do, like beach-hopping through secluded coves, snorkelling in Bali or scuba diving around East Bali without enduring the Gili tourist trap by buying expensive speedboat Gili tickets too fast before you find out what is really good or not. Best way how to find out about the Bali to Gili islands cheapest boat tickets is to speak with the people who live here for years and are bale to recommend and help with your Bali holiday planing. Stay in OK Divers diving resort and get cheaper ticket to gili.

Things to do in Padangbai

More than that, Padangbai is not known for its temples although if you walk along the backstreets you will find many small ones. Perhaps the most significant is Pura Silayukti which is perched on a hill to the north of the town and provides good views of the harbour, especially at sunset. If you take the long route to White Sand beach south of Padangbai, you will come across several small temples. There are also several temples along the back roads of the town centre. Pura Segara is right on the sand in the centre of the village and features a central courtyard with intricate wood carvings and statuettes. All Padangbai temples welcome visitors who must wear a sarong and sash with admission by donation.

Bali diving

Another diving in Bali attractions is Tanjung Jepun which is one of the best of Bali dive sites not only for snorkeling. It is small bay which is just few hundred meters north of Padangbai. The best way to get there is by boat. It is easy to arrange a snorkelling trip from Padangbai beach. There are plenty of man with ‘jukung’ just waiting for something to do. This is great place to scuba dive too especialy for people who like macro and maybe like to see wreck or submarine under water.

So, when you are on the way to Gili Travangan don`t forget to stop in Padangbai for some diving in Bali.

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