Diet of Scuba Divers

Eat and dream

Okay so you have planned your trip to some exotic location such as Bali and are going to scuba dive in Padangbai. You are chomping at the bit to get going. There probably are a few things you may not have considered yet and a great many people do not either. After all, you are going scuba diving at a great place and that’s all you need to know. One important item of consideration however is what you are going to eat and drink while you are there. I know, that’s all part of the plan too, right? Unfortunately many of the people who plan diving trips don’t know that a large part of the plan should be the stuff they are going to put in their stomachs while they are there.

What to Eat & Drink when scuba diving

Scuba diving in Bali is great fun, wonderfully different along with varied activities while you are there on a normal basis. But if you are not careful you could end up spending some time in a decompression chamber if you aren’t wise about what you ingest prior to and just after your dives. Here are a few tips to make your diving experience in Padangbai (or anywhere else) an amazing one.

  • Up to a week prior to the dives, don’t deny yourself starch and bread products. You want to be very well hydrated prior to diving. This will help greatly in preventing decompression sickness. Try to stay with the leaner meats..
  • Within the last couple of days prior to diving try to stay away from alcohol as well. Yes, that just doesn’t sound like much fun but alcohol will dehydrate you and deprive you of fluids you need. Not to speak of other effects it can have on your orientation and judgement. You may want to try a sport drink or milk if you feel the need to consume liquids. Also try to get some good rest. Do not overeat (or party too much) during this period either.
  • On the day of the actual dive do not eat anything unusual. Try to eat at least a couple of hours prior to diving. You should drink water up until about 30 minutes before diving and have a little (2-4 oz.) just prior to diving.
  • While actually scuba diving you may be getting in and out of the water more than a few times and you should have plenty of water available for drinking. If there is a bit of time between dives it is good to eat high carbohydrate foods like low fat cookies, bananas, fig bars, hard candies, oranges and so on.
  • Once your dive(s) are over, start packing down some high carbs (not including beer or other alcohol) and do it every couple of hours.
  • It may not be obvious but scuba diving is a physically exhausting activity. Thus It is really important for you to get a lot of sleep prior to and also after diving. This gives your system a chance to recharge itself. Do not take any decongestants prior to diving as well.

Now you have learned some of the things you should or shouldn’t eat and drink both prior to and after scuba diving, go have some fun. Diving is truly a wonderful adventure and you will most likely love it. Especially if you are going to a place as beautiful as Bali and will be diving in Padangbai. Have a great trip!

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