Making Your Scuba Diving Dreams Come True

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If you want to go on a vacation to an exotic island while having the chance to do something exciting, such as scuba diving, then you must travel Bali. Here you will find the OK Divers Resort and Spa, ready to offer you everything you might need for your diving holiday. Comfortable accommodation, a poolside restaurant with unique ambience where you can taste Indonesian as well as Western dishes, a spa where you can relax with the best treatments, and last but not least, scuba diving experiences. You can visit the diving resort at any time of the year. The climate in Bali is warm all year round, allowing tourists to enjoy scuba diving whenever they please. But besides this, you can also enjoy the gorgeous sandy beaches while in the area.

Why to choose our Diving Resort in Bali?

The diving resort in Bali offers accommodation in Padangbai, a beautiful seaside location. Sand, waves, palm trees and laid-back atmosphere await you here. If you don’t feel like sandy beaches, you can easily enjoy any of the two pools in the resort as they are available unlimited to all the guests. It has never been easier to get to Bali. Airplanes from all over the world are landing in the International Airport Ngurah Rai in Denpasar daily. From the airport, you will be able to find a taxi that will take you to Padangbai for a modest fee. Getting here is definitely worth the effort for the tranquility, gorgeous landscapes, diving experiences and many more that awaits to be discovered in this location.

Scuba diving in Padangbai with OK Divers Resort & Spa can easily be the highlight of your holiday in Bali. Why? Because thanks to their skilled diving instructors you will get to see the amazingly diverse marine fauna this area has to offer. If you choose to scuba dive here, you will have the chance to see squids, sea turtles, eels, large octopuses, manta rays and a huge variety of coral fish and macro life. Scuba diving in Bali is also very popular for seasons of Mola Mola fish. Besides the vast diversity of fish and sea creatures, the coral reefs are also a great thing to see when diving in Padangbai, witnessing the entire ecosystem forming around them. The coral reefs offer shelter, food and breeding support for very many of the tiny marine species in the sea, which otherwise would have a much tougher life. Diving in Padang Bai is just breathtaking and will leave you with a set of memories you will never forget.

Enjoy the hospitality of this PADI five-star diving resort and get initiated into the secrets of scuba diving. Yes, even if you have never dived before, it won’t be an impediment in trying this new experience here and now. OK Divers Resort & Spa offers complete diving courses to allow you to master the skills you need for a safe and enjoyable diving. However scuba diving is not the only fun activity you will be able to do here. Get ready to explore unseen areas of east Bali and discover the local life. Indonesia is very rich when it comes to culture, being filled with stories at each step. Bali is exception to this rule. It is even more charming than the mainland, simply because it is a small island surrounded by blue waters.

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