Quality Time – Family Bali Scuba Diving

Reconnecting Family on Bali Diving Adventure

Disconnect your family from the internet and computers and reconnect through scuba diving adventure in Bali. Taking time out from the daily duties for vacation is a great way to reconnect and rejuvenate your family. Adventure tourism has become a bonding experience in which family ties grow closer and stronger. Family relationships are strengthened by sharing unforgettable experiences and by having fun together.

Try family Bali Diving Holiday

Diving in Bali on your family trip is an adventure that usually benefits the entire family. Exploring amazing Bali dive sites and discovering the exotic underwater creatures is an intense experience that is truly memorable, but when shared by loved ones, that memories are even greater. Our modern way of lives often put up unwanted walls between parents and kids. Scuba diving like other team-oriented activities creates an environment where parents and kids can reconnect through shared Bali diving adventures.

Scuba diving with kids

The minimum age for kids to go scuba diving in Bali is 10 years old. All children have a natural curiosity about the world around them with an urgent need for exploration. The benefits of scuba diving for children are uncountable – build confidence, develop a respect for the marine environment and harness and get familiar with teamwork skills. Seeing children take their first breaths underwater is a joy for every parent on the planet. Kids have often better ability to comprehend the content and have better study habits than many adults because they want to feed the natural curiosity about the ocean and its marine life.

Options for family scuba diving adventures:

PADI Discover Scuba Diving

PADI Discover scuba diving experience in Bali is a diving program for non certified divers.  If you as a family want to try scuba diving in Bali but aren’t quite prepared to take the full diving course, Discover Scuba Diving is for you. Under the direct supervision of PADI instructor a complete family of diving novices can go from being an envious bystanders to seeing the underwater world themselves.

Here are all the information you need to know as divers “wanna be” family about the PADI Discover scuba diving in Bali

PADI Scuba Diving Course in Bali

The shared adventure of scuba diving course in Bali brings kids and parents together in a way few other Bali activities can match. Scuba diving is a great way to be active but it’s also incredibly relaxing. PADI OK Divers dive programs and services are some of the best for families in the world. We feel the huge need from families on their vacation in Bali and we want to assist them with achieving their family holiday scuba diving goals. Get the whole family involved and give your kids the chance to discover the joys of diving in Bali.

If you are trying to decide where to go and what to do on your next family holiday have a look at our selection of PADI scuba diving courses we offer in OK Divers.

Family Fun Diving in Bali

The diverse Bali dive sites can satisfied many types of diving families on their Bali holidays. Bali is located in the heart of therichest marine biodiversity and is home to some of the best dive sites in the world.

Check the Bali Dive Sites you can choose from for you Bali family diving adventure.

Family Bali Diving Safari

Family diving safari in Bali is a great way to expose your kids to nature, culture and underwater life of Bali without having to worry about the boredom they may experience on a regular Bali holiday. In our fast modern world, it is important to take some time out to spend it together as a family. Going on diving vacation together is one of the most special family experiences, as you will share in the thrill and enjoyment of discovering a new place and dives together.

Based on the length of your holiday time you can chose from three type of Bali diving safari we organise in OK Divers.

Tips for quality time with your family

  • Keep family first
  • Kitchen time is a family time
  • Share a hobby
  • Learn new skills together
  • Create new traditions
  • Smile at each other, make time for each other
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