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Safety Is a Choice You Make

Open water scuba diving may be a risky sport from time to time, but if you make sure you get proper training and accreditation through a PADI course like the ones offered by OK Divers in Padangbai, Bali you will find it is not only safe but you’ll also have a lot of fun. Scuba diving in Padangbai is a wonderful way to unwind and enjoy the natural world of the open sea. You get to experience sea life in a way that’s not possible through a glass bottom boat or by snorkelling. There are a range of tools that you should have that will make your dive a fantastic experience.

Important Scuba Diving Equipment

Dive Computer

A dive computer is one of the most important tools you can have as it will warn and update you for any problems. Your instructor will show you exactly how to use and read your dive computer. If you buy one yourself it’s very important to read the instructions carefully to familiarise yourself with the unit before going out on a dive.

Scuba Diving Pointer

Pointer is a fantastic tool that offers so much versatility of use that it is really a big help to every scuba diver. It may keep you of the bottom when needed and you do not even have to touch anything. If you like to point at something or make a banging sound diving stick is the tool to have in your hand. Just be careful respect the marine creatures and do not poke them and only bang when you need an attention or you see something really interesting. When you’re out scuba diving in Padangbai, Bali you will see many divers use one and are comfortable with it.

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

This is also referred to as a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy or a safety sausage. It is usually a bright orange or yellow colour and shaped like a long balloon. When under water on a dive it is released to the surface so that people on boats and on shore know where you are. It also helps to know where your own dive boat is and to see how far you have been swept when there are strong currents.

Diving Whistle

Although a very simple item in your scuba diving inventory a whistle is a very important one. When trying to attract attention our line of sight can be easily interrupted when we are on the surface of the water but usually this does not apply to sound and a basic whistle is able to be heard from a surprisingly long distance. Dive whistles come in a few forms these days from the simple pea less design you may remember from your younger days to pneumatic systems that attach to your L.P.I hose.


While many divers will say they don’t like to carry a snorkel on an open water scuba dive, they can be helpful and it’s definitely handy to be comfortable breathing out of one before you learn how to dive.

Signalling Mirror

Even with your DSMB and with people looking for you on the surface, it can sometimes be hard to spot you in the water. A signalling mirror allows you to get the attention of people on boats, on shore or in your diving group.

A scuba diving course in Padangbai, Bali at OK Divers will teach you how to use these tools safely and confidently. You can certainly have a lot of fun in the open water but you need to know the tools and what to do with them.  They may save your life one day.

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