Diving in Bali - Nusa Penida Manta Point

Time To Get Wet!

Dive site Manta Point in Bali is a limestone outcrop off Tanjung Pandan, near the far West side of Nusa Penida island. The above water scenery is spectacular, with sheer limestone cliffs cut by the swell that pounds the coast all year round. The difficulty of Manta dive-site comes from the swell which can sometimes be really strong as the Indian Ocean waves like to pound this coast.

Diving in Bali with Manta Rays

Manta Point is great dive spot as it attracts manta rays all year round. The waters are rich with plankton which often fascinate the magnificent bird of the seas for feeding. But our Manta Point acts as well as a cleaning station which is a great advantage for those divers who like to have the opportunity to see Manta rays from really short distance and in very calm behaviour. Most of the time mantas just circle around you like in the ring of fire. The scene is just amazing and the picture of that magic animal will stay with you for rest of your life.

As with every animal in wild on some days you can see one manta, on another day you can see twenty! Mantas are very friendly and enjoy the company of good, calm and not chasing divers. They often swooping in to investigate and shivering with excitement as the divers bubbles tickle their bellies. In the dry season especially in deeper parts of Manta Point dive spot we have a nice chance to spot mola mola or sunfish too.

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Duration: 9am - 3pm
Dives: 2

Diving in Bali - Nusa Penida Manta Point Diving in Bali - Nusa Penida Manta Point Diving in Bali - Nusa Penida Manta Point Diving in Bali - Nusa Penida Manta Point