OK Divers Happy Bubble – Makers

The Seal Team

Diving is not only about seeing UW creatures, we also do it to have a lots of FUN and honestly when did you last time did a somersault or blow bubbles just for fun? We had the most FUN with 3 little bubble makers last day at our pool. It’s for sure that when the BIG guys are having fun the little one can have it too. Common try it on your next dive a bit. Here are some of our pictures from our fun with torpedo.

Kids underwater

Bubblemaker is as fun as it sounds. Child of 8-10 years can swim in our pool using scuba gear under the direct supervision of diving instructor. If you have ever wondered what it is like to breathe underwater, then bubble maker experience is the chance to find out!

Kids and their parent/guardian complete the Bubblemaker paperwork and are then fully assisted to:

  • Put on the diving equipment (mask, fins, BCD, tank, diving regulator).
  • Submerge in the pool to a maximum depth of 2 metres.
  • Play games, throw underwater toys and generally have a great time experiencing the freedom that the divers enjoy so much!
  • Swim underwater and try to contain the excitement and smiles!

Book and read more about the bubble maker experience.

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