Do I Really Need a Prescription Mask?

Visionaries see beyond the boundaries of eyesight

Everyone who wants to do scuba diving should understand that seeing through water is completely different from normal circumstances. Underwater any object such as fish or even other diver will appear considerably larger and closer than in above-water environment. Water has such natural magnifying properties that people with perfectly healthy eyesight can sometimes have difficulties to comprehend point of reference when diving. What a shame it would be to miss the amazing underwater world one can see when scuba diving in Padangbai. Are those with poor eyesight even allowed for diving?

Scuba Diving With Poor Eyesight

The simple answer is yes, but with proper equipment. In above-water environment, mild problems with eyesight can be solved by wearing eyeglasses. This however is impossible for diving because the eyeglasses will become obstruction for the mask skirt in the face. Even when the mask skirt can fit, it will cause great discomfort for the wearer. If you have to use additional accessory to improve eyesight underwater, a diving mask with prescription lenses seems to be your best option.

Prescription Masks for Diving

Many diving equipment manufacturers offer masks which work with prescription lenses. Divers with poor eyesight who wear contact lenses or glasses for everyday activity should consider this kind of mask for diving. It is also possible to order a mask with customized specifications including the use of your prescription lenses. More advanced diving masks allow users to change the lens easily as well. If you plan to go scuba diving in Padangbai, please remember to bring your normal glasses so you can see normally after the dive too. Bringing a secondary mask is often recommended in case your main mask gets damaged.

Contact Lenses and Scuba Diving

There is no problem with diving in Padangbai or any other dive site while wearing your contact lenses. In fact, this eliminates the necessity to use personalized dive mask with prescription lenses. However, it is not recommended to wear gas permeable lens. There is a chance that air bubbles get trapped between the lens and your eyes due to increase pressure underwater. Air bubbles cause blurry vision and might ruin your diving adventure. In the event the mask gets flooded, there is the risk of your contact lenses being washed away. If possible you should close your eyes briefly when removing your mask. Also, you should bring rewetting drops to help you remove the lenses from your eyes if water pressure causes them to get stuck.

Bi-Focal Mask on a Fun Dive

Divers who have difficulties reading small print should consider bi-focal dive mask. One reason fot that is that the submersible pressure gauge has small prints to tell how much oxygen you have left in the tank. If the gauge points toward or near the red zone, it is time to go up. Failure to notice this can be dangerous. Stick-on magnifying lenses are available, and you can put this to any dive mask to improve eyesight.

The other reason is the enjoyment of the dive itself. Diving in Padangbai offers beautiful macro life. The skilled diving instructors at OK Divers Resort & Spa will gladly point out for you the most amazing but really tiny sea creatures. The question is, will you be able to see them properly? All in all, poor eyesight should not prevent anyone from enjoying the underwater world. If you have vision problems, it is always best to consult your doctor before you go diving as a preventive measure to minimize the unexpected.

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