DAN short term diving insurance

You Don’t Need A License To Live, But A Way To Protect It!

Scuba diving is an exciting activity that allows you to literally enter a whole new world. As with any other outdoor activity, one needs to realize that diving takes place in a natural environment, where the conditions can’t nor be controlled, neither predicted with 100% accuracy. There are things that can go wrong and accidents can happen.

DAN short term diving insurance

While there are many travel insurance products available, most of them don’t include scuba diving related emergencies. Scuba diving insurance allows you to enjoy spending your time under the surface rather than thinking about the financial consequences in case of an accident. Without a reliable coverage, any sort of unfortunate event during a dive may lead to significant financial problems.

If this is your first diving vacation in Bali or you dive only occasionally, a short term diving insurance might be a wise choice. Our dive resort in Padangbai is proud to work with DAN – Divers Alert Network, a globally recognized and highly respected dive safety association.

You can now easily sign up at OK Divers for a 1 to 30 day diving protection plan with DAN that will cover diving incidents occurring within Indonesia. 

If you wish to sign up for a short term diving insurance, contact OK Divers and enjoy a worry free diving in Padangbai.

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