Tips for your family vacation in Bali

Help Me, I’m On a Family Vacation in Bali!

Since Bali is becoming a widely popular place for your family vacation, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to itinerary and accommodation. Organizing a family trip, however, might involve a lot of stress and we know that it is the last thing you want to think of during your holidays. For this reason, you should choose the itinerary that is tailor-made for families to ensure that all of you will have the perfect balance of relaxing and adventure and make some unforgettable memories along the way. We will give you some useful tips for finding the most suitable hotel for families and example of easy yet exciting activities during your Bali vacation with children.

Family Holiday in Bali

The secret to a stress-free and enjoyable time on the island of Gods is selecting a family-oriented resort that will satisfy the needs of every member.  We bet that safety and cleanliness are among your priorities and you might look also for some kid-friendly facilities such as a baby cot, rooms designed especially for families and swimming pools, too. OK Divers Resort and Spa in Padangbai has all of these, including a pool with a shallow part, surrounded by lush palm trees, where children can play, and moms enjoy catching some sun rays while having them on their sight. Of course, another thing that needs to be ensured for relaxing to the max is a beach nearby. Luckily, this resort happens to have two of them, namely White Sand Beach and Blue Lagoon, within the walking distance.

Another important factor to consider is food, as you might want to avoid street food and spicy cuisine that might mess with your child’s stomach. The Colonial restaurant in Padangbai, is known thanks to exquisite cuisine, high-quality ingredients, a wide selection of safe local and western meals along with precisely selected kids’ menu and kid-pleasers such as desserts and homemade gelato.

Tailor-made itinerary for families visiting Bali

1. Kastala trek in Bali

Bali is a tropical island with rich and beautiful nature so a visit of idyllic emerald-green rice fields is simply a must. There are many to choose from, starting with the famous Jatiluwih or Tegalalang but these tend to be overcrowded with tourists. An excellent alternative would be Kastala trek near Padangbai that offers a light walk through lush nature and views on the most authentic region of Bali. You will not only see hectares of splendid paddy but also get to know the life of busy Balinese farmers planting and harvesting local fruits and vegetables. The trek is also suitable for families with small children and they can even refresh their feet in the spring that flows along the way. It takes around 40 minutes and finishes in the village of Tenganan that serves as an open-air museum of traditional architecture, handicrafts, and extraordinary Balinese culture. Moms will most likely appreciate this visit as they can hunt for unique and quality souvenirs such as handmade scarfs and handbags.

What is among the things that every child craves constantly? You guessed it right – chocolate! At the end of Kastala trek, you will visit this magical place called chocolate factory which will please sweet tooth of your kids. What’s more, delights here are high-quality organic products that are yummy yet healthy at the same time. 

2. Snorkeling in Bali

Did you know that Bali is located in the coral triangle, making its vibrant underwater life comparable to the bustling forests of Amazon? The variety of corals and tropical fish here is indeed stunning, especially when it comes to dive sites in Bali and there’s no better way to explore them with your kids than snorkeling. Even when you are not diver and not diving in Bali there are many locations in Padangbai to choose from, such as Blue Lagoon or Jetty that are safe when it comes to current and water conditions are very enjoyable. It is possible to spot turtles, rays, moray eels and you will not get enough of beautiful corals with all kinds of reef fish, too. Fun fact is that the boat used for snorkeling trips in Padangbai is a colorful traditional fisherman one called jukung and your kids will not only love it but also feel like proper Balinese sailors. OK Divers will provide you and your family with all the equipment such as masks, snorkels, fins, and wetsuits to ensure that you get the most out of it.

Depending on the schedule of the dive center, you can also join a very exciting trip to Tulamben Bali where your family will explore the magical wreck of famous USS Liberty Ship sunken for more than 50 years. Needles to say, the ship is full of marine life ranging from colorful fish to corals of all shapes. If your children are true adventurers, they will be thrilled to explore the mysterious wreck and learn about its history. For those longing to see big fishes, we also do a snorkeling tour along the white sand beaches of Nusa Penida, all the way to the Manta Point Nusa Penida. Yes, you read it correctly, OK Divers will take you on snorkeling with oceanic mantas and we bet that it will be a highlight of your family vacation in Bali

3. Rafting in Bali

With the number of activities that Bali has to offer, there is no chance that your kids will get bored. We have chosen one of the most thrilling ones – river rafting. As kids love adventure, you will see how exciting experience it will be for them! Even though rafting might sound a bit too adrenaline-rushing, especially if you are traveling with young children, the opposite is true. This activity is guided by experienced instructors and you will be equipped with a lifejacket so you will be safe and enjoy your day full of water splashing, marveling at waterfalls, canyons, cliffs, and dense forest. Lastly, this trip will finish in the most pleasant way possible with delicious lunch and a view on the lovely panorama of rice fields.

Rafting in Bali was a go-to choice of many families and thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly what kids and their parents need. OK Divers Resort and Spa is family-oriented resort and thus provide you and your loved ones the best of comfort, safety and fun during your vacation in Bali. If you would like to learn more about our Accommodation, Family package, and Restaurant or book your stay with us please contact us via email.  




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