Scuba Diving Bali Indonesia

I live my dream underwater

If you are planning to go for a diving vacation in an exotic location, you should definitely consider going to Bali, Indonesia. This destination has the best scuba diving spots that will make your diving holiday an amazing experience. Even if you are not very skilled, there are some great diving courses that you can enrol in and thus get to maximise your vacation.

Diving Around Bali

An exciting feature of diving in Indonesia is the varied and incredibly rich dive sites. Whether you want steep drop-offs, coral ridges, deep banks and many more, you will find them in Bali. There is also a diverse and colourful marine life for when you just want to have some fun and participate in underwater photography. There are some amazing famous wrecks and volcanic outcrops that will surely keep you going back here for your next diving holiday. The strong ocean currents in Padangbai are not only vital for effective scuba diving, but they also help in cleaning the water and creating great visibility. The currents also bring in some interesting pelagic fish like the unforgettable sunfish or mola mola. There is definitely something unique for everyone who is will to have fun and enjoy the great culture and scenic beaches.

Whether you are looking for scuba diving for beginners or scuba diving for experience opportunities, you will find what you need in this great destination. The locals are also quite welcoming and friendly and this makes your vacation in Bali more enjoyable. There are some clear waters that make diving in Bali a treat. Previously, the area was just popular for a beach holiday and surfer types, but today the island is experiencing a large number of tourists coming specifically to dive.

Find more information about Bali Dive Sites and learn more about Padangbai Bali, Manta Point Nusa Penidaor Tulamben Bali at our web site and if you like diving make sure you check diving safari around Bali. You can also check an interesting review of the Paralenz Vaquita which is excellent for underwater photography.

PADI courses

With the latest online eLearning facilities offer by PADI, it is now possible to even get your lessons started before arriving for your holiday. During an open water diving course, students are taught the main scuba diving fun damentals. The PADI courses usually involve learning via classroom, pool time and home study about diving theory, how to breathe when underwater and also the limitations of divers. You will also get to learn about different equipment that divers use, ways of maintaining it and how to wear it correctly. You will be taught the techniques of entering and exiting the water correctly, propelling yourself in the water and most importantly, safety when scuba diving.

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