Diving in Bali – Scuba Diving License

How do I learn to scuba dive?

Are you intending to get a scuba diving license in Bali? Are you ready to go on the beautiful Bali diving adventure? We have prepared all the divinng information that you need on the way to get a scuba diving certification and become certified scuba diver in Bali and probably in most PADI dive centres around in the world. Come diving and learn to dive in Bali at a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort.

PADI Scuba Bali Diving Licence

Step 1: Developing the knowledge of scuba diving

Before you get into practicality of diving in Bali, you need to develop knowledge and you need to know the basic principles of scuba diving in theory. You need to know which scuba diving gear you need, what are the diving signals, and how you are going to plan the dives. You will get demonstration from the diving instructor, you will go through a guide or a manual which will help you get a better understanding.

Step 2: Getting familiar with scuba diving in a confined space

The next step is that, you will be given time to practice some scuba diving skills in a confined water which is other word for swimming – pool or a bay or lake with pool-like environment. In that pool you will work and practise with your scuba gear, you will learn how to get out the water from your mask, how to enter and exit the water, buoyancy control, underwater navigation and lastly you will get an understanding of the safety diving procedures.

Step 3: Open Water Dives in Bali

After learning the basic skills in the confined water, it is now time to apply them in the sea. You and your diving instructor will take four dives, over the period of two days. During these dives, you get to apply and improve the diving skills that you have learnt in the pool and you also get to explore the marine life of Bali dive sites.

This is what completes your training process, however, there are a few other things that we would like to share and they are:

Time needed to get scuba diving licence in Bali:

The time taken by a trainee depends totally upon his progress and how fast he learns. The diving instructor in every PADI Open Water Diver Course not focuses upon the time taken to get certified but instead upon making the trainee a skilled and confident diver. So, the better you progress the fast you learn to dive. That is what actually tells you the time taken to get certified.

Cost of the scuba diving lessons:

There are no specific PADI divng course prices, each of the dive resort in Bali may have a varying price of diving depending upon the location, size of the class and other factors. However, it is not expensive as compared to getting training for other sports. You ma pay around the same price that you would pay to train for rock-climbing, kayaking or any other sport. 

Scuba gear needed to dive:

Your instructor can better guide you about the gear you need because the scuba diving gear can consist of many pieces and each one of them may have a different function. So, ask your diving instructor to help you in looking for the best scuba gear suitable for you. The minimum of the diving gear we recommend you to have consists of a mask, snorkel and fins. Each of these have a different fit from person to person. So, when you intend to buy your diving mask make sure to get the right fit. If the gear fits you properly then you will be more comfortable in it. Also, your diving confidence level will often increase with the scuba diving gear that you have chosen yourself. Having your own gear is as well more convenient because then you don’t have to depend upon anybody and you don’t even have to rent it.

Best place for diving certification:

All the PADI dive centres and resorts are great place to get your certification.

Requirements to learn scuba diving in Bali:

There are certain requirements that you need to fulfil to be able to enroll in PADI scuba diving courses and to earn a diving license.

  • 10 years of age. The trainee has to be minimum 10 years of age, if you are younger than that then you will not be able to get a license. The students who are below 15 get the junior diver certification which they can get upgraded when they turn 15. Read more about diving with kids in our blog Bali Diving with kids.
  • Scuba medical questionnaire. Before you start your training, you have to fill a scuba medical questionnaire which asks about any problems that you might have while diving. If you don’t have any conditions that may affect your health then you are all good to get started.
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