Night Diving in Padangbai

Night Dives in Bali are special

OK Divers are TripAdvisors No. 1 rated business for things to do in Padangbai and can take your Bali vacation to another world, underwater! Our team of highly experienced scuba diving instructors will make you feel comfortable both in and out of the water. We offer many options for diving, but if you’re looking for a true one of a kind experience, a night dive might be your first choice. 

Scuba Diving Adventure in Bali

Many divers both new and experienced sometimes fear taking Bali night diving adventure into the deep unknown. What if you lose your diving buddy? What kind of ocean creatures come out at night? Night diving in Bali absolutely adrenalin inducing experience, but it’s well worth it. Much of the wild life comes out at night and with the darkness surrounding you, the living things in the ocean are bolder and brighter than ever.

Night dives give you the opportunity to check out real marine life action. You may see an octopus, a sting ray, crabs, shrimps, bioluminescent plankton, jellyfish, cuttle fish and maybe even a shark or two. Relax, they are more concerned about finding their favourite snack and it’s not you!

Here are some tips before night diving in Bali

  • Carry two diving torches, both a primary and a back-up.
 Good idea is to store a glow stick or some type of chemical light, in case your electronic one doesn’t work.
Stick with an easy dive and Bali dive sites, you don’t want to get stuck in harsh currents around an unfamiliar zone.
  • Check out the Bali dive site during the day time and get oriented with the zone. The more familiar you are with the site for night dive, the more comfortable you will be. If you’re relaxed, you will be able to enjoy the experience to the fullest!
  • It is very smart to leave at dusk, so you can get your equipment set up while there is still some light and on the top you can enjoy the transition between day and night.
  • Only share torch with a diving buddy when necessary a never point the beam in to other divers eyes.
Try not to go out too far, stay close to your dive site as you don’t want to get lost.

We have certain rules and expectations when people enter our home, don’t we? While you may not be dealing with total strangers in your natural habitat, you still need to keep in mind one of the most important rules of scuba diving in Bali – respecting the wild life. Underwater animals aren’t used to artificial light being blasted in their eyes and this may cause them to become disoriented or even blinded. Try not to point your torch at any marine life for an extended period of time.

You may be tempted to snap a photo or two while enjoying your night dive in Bali. If you’re going to do it, be considerate. Just, don’t wake up a sleeping animal with your obnoxious flash. Many times, these day time dwellers are hiding from the night time predators. You don’t want to be the one to blow their cover do you? Overall, just be considerate, gentle and don’t disrupt the natural cycle. Have You Ever Heard of Bioluminescence? If not, night dive in Bali is must for you. Remember you can do your night dive as a part of your PADI advanced open water diver course.

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Night diving in Bali will be a treasured life moment you will talk about for years to come. Embrace your nerves and take on this adrenaline pumping adventure with OK Divers in Padangbai.

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