Diving in Bali – Quick Underwater Photography Guide

Top 11 tips for underwater photography

One thing you simply must try when diving in Bali is underwater photography. Underwater photography in Bali can be an extra special experience, but you have to do it properly and safely whichever Bali dive sites you’re photographing. Bali, known as the island of gods, is located in between Java and Lombok, putting it at the southern end of the world’s most biologically diverse area – the coral triangle.

Underwater Photography in Bali

Bali’s fame as one of the top “must dive” destination for both amateur and professional underwater photographers has grown in past years. Bali is home to almost every marine species in the Indo Pacific region. The diving here is easily accessible from shore or a quick boat ride. Critters, wrecks, walls, coral, muck-diving, schooling fish or pelagic – Bali dive sites have it all.

Let’s have a look at so tips to help you get the most out of diving in Bali.

The Basics of underwater photography

  • Water reduces sharpness and contrast; so get close
  • Get low and shoot up
  • Turn your flash on

Compact Camera Users

  • Use macro mode when in macro focusing distance
  • Place your external flash as far from the housing unit as possible
  • Use a dive light wherever possible
  • Don’t use digital zoom

Rookie mistakes of underwater photography to avoid

  • Use manual white balance every 5 to 10 feet when in ambient light to avoid the dreaded “blue photos”.
  • Shoot in clear water only, don’t be too far from your subject and use strobes
  • Don’t forget about portrait; you shouldn’t be shooting solely in landscape
  • Isolate your subjects; don’t try to capture a bust reef in one photo.

Buying underwater camera in Bali

Many people think that since everything else in Indonesia is so incredibly cheap, that camera gear might be a bargain too. This is not the case. Most underwater camera gear is bit more expensive than if purchased in the US or EU. If you like to lear more we find a complete guide to underwater photography very informative source.

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