Where to Surf in Bali

Live long & Surf

Bali has the perfect waves that make surfing a highly pleasurable activity not only for the beginner surfers but also for the experienced ones. Because of this fact, Bali surfing is popular around the world. If you are going for a vacation in Bali then read on to learn the perfect beaches where you could surf and experience the thrill of riding the waves.

Bali the Surfing Destination

Surfing in Kuta

It goes without saying that Kuta is a beach with stunning beauty where the sparkling white sand stretches for up to 3 kms. The waves are ideal for all types of surfers, novices as well as experienced. Therefore, if in your family or traveling group someone wishes to try surfing, then this beach is the perfect place for them to start. You could also enrol at a surfing school for around 35 USD, where you will  learn to master surfing and when you get tired from it, you can just relax on the white sand or just jump in the waves.

Kuta is also a nice location for spending quality time with your beloved one. The sunrise and sunsets are ethereal and rekindle romance between couples. Another great adventure that every surfer or turist must try is scuba diving in Bali. Just 60 minutes journy from Kuta takes you to Padangbai which is the best diving destination Bali has. Diving in Padangbai is full of excitement, as it makes you explore colourful underwater corals and variety of fish which includes amazing creatures like turtles, ryas, sharks, mola mola or manta rays at Nusa Penida.

Surfing in Canggu

Canggu is another great location bestowed with the best wonders. The specialty of Canggu is its friendly waves. It is a good place for kids to enjoy surfing too. However, adults need to monitor them always, as the wind sometimes becomes too strong and waves come crashing down. Many resorts or hotels organise surfing camps here. Hence, if you would like to learn to surf, you could simply just select one of those places. For the experienced ones, Canggu beach offers many opportunities to be experimental. Canggu still has a really nice quite atmosphere with range of tasty restaurants and good variety of food and other holiday fun on nice beeches.

Surfing on Echo Beach

The beach is located in Canggu and is especially popular for its big waves. The quality and power of the ocean there, is why most of surfers head towards it as long as they land in Bali. The beach features a long strip of white sand and a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. Once you are an expert surfer this place will surly not disappoint you. But remember when you will find some time while surfing that many good diving spots and diving operators are close to Echo Beach. Meaning, after surfing to your heart’s content, you could try diving in Bali and get to know amazing underwater scenery of this island of Gods.

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