Scuba diving holiday in Bali

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Holidaying in Bali is all about enjoying a variety of diving experiences which could include some fun diving or a fascinating scuba diving safari. While on a diving vacation you will love the reefs on Nusa Peninda as they are simply stunning. The delight of going through the wondrously coloured coral gardens and the variety of fish and marine life is a must have experience.  Scuba diving into warm waters that are clear and blue and which offer visibility for up to 25 meters is indeed a dream diving holiday. However, Menjangan Island offers the best visibility among the Bali dive sites all year round. Menjangan Island was the first to be recognised as an international diving site that offers the some of the best wall diving.

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If you are PADI scuba diver you could take up the challenge of the dives at Gili Mimpang or Batu Tiga as it is also called, Crystal Bay where you could enjoy dives as a skilled diver. Though currents are powerful here and below lie craggy rocks full of soft and hard corals the thrill of the dive cannot be denied. In case you would like to enhance your diving skills then you could always take up the PADI scuba diving courses.

On a diving holiday in Bali, Indonesia, means visiting the various Bali diving sites. At the Puri Jati dive site you are likely to see the best array of sea creatures. Since the site has sloping sand it is a delight to watch how the creatures appear from the sand and disappear as quickly and silently. What will be your most amazing experience is that you will find that you are staring right into the face of a sea creature which was blended into the environment till then.

The dive at Manta Point can become difficult because of the swell that comes in from the Indian Ocean. However, the remarkable site of the lime stone cliffs and the fascinating plankton make it a great diving adventure. Besides this is a great spot to see the manta rays which can be seen at this spot at any time you take your diving vacation in the year.

If sharks are your cup of tea then you could do scuba diving at the various sites around Bali Padangbai where reef sharks and wobbegong sharks that can be spotted often. Toyapakeh is another dive site which is one of the most popular of Bali diving sites because of the amazing coral formations, where you see an amazing variety of marine life the corals. This diving site offers the spot to view the mola – sunfish, jackfish and batfish.

When in Bali you can have the kind of scuba diving that you enjoy the most as the area offers great scuba diving adventure as well as a chance to just have a cool and fun diving vacation.  Most of the dive spots are flooded with sunlight and the corals are simply breath-taking.

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