Scuba Diving in Padangbai with Non-Diver

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Diving is one of the best ways to spend your holiday in Bali. The island of Bali offers many popular dive sites in many of its beaches and diverse marine life to accompany your time underwater. Unlike the usual tourism resorts located in the big cities and well-developed areas of the island, the best Bali dive sites are in more remote locations and even in separate neighboring islands (although they are still registered as part of Bali Province, Indonesia).

Scuba diver traveling with non-diver? No problem in Padangbai.

A good example is wilage of Padangbai, a relatively quite place which serves mainly as port for tourists to catch a ferry to Lombok or Gili Islands. Although the place is not as developed as Kuta or Ubud, a scuba diving in Padangbai offers can be a real unforgettable experience; many sites in the area even offer unique marine life including ocean sunfish mola mola. Although Padangbai may not be such a touristic place as Kuta it already offers good quality restaurants like The Colonial with the variety of food from all around the world but if your thing is traditional local warung Padangbai has them all too.

In case you intend to begin your scuba dive adventure in Bali from Padangbai, you will find some good diving operators in the place for example OK Divers, an internationally recognized organization with PADI certified divers to guide you all the way. In Padangbai, there is a beach called Blue Lagoon, or sometimes referred as Romantic Beach, which offers both white sand, quite environment, coral reef, traditional community, and basically an excellent spot to enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving for couples. Another popular beach is the Bias Tugal, located within a walking distance from the ferry terminal in Padangbai. The good thing is that you will enjoy the sight of Nusa Penida and Gili Mimpang, as you walk to the beach.

OK Divers diving resort organises diving safaris to all dive sites around the island of Bali, although the operator’s headquarter is in Padangbai. OK Divers will allow a minimum of only two divers accompanied by PADI certified diving guide in many diving location, making the service very personal and customer orientated.

While diving is certainly a great way to enjoy your vacation, this is not for everyone indeed. Fortunately, Bali does not offer only its beaches for tourism, but also a lot of other attractions. If you are visiting Padangbai with your partner, but only one of you enjoys diving, your non-diving partner can still enjoy many attractions around this small traditional fishing village or it is also possible to spend your time in nearby places for example Ubud which is located just an hour from Padangbai. As a major culture and arts centre, Ubud offers myriads of attractions including but not limited to historical temples, traditional cooking classes, yoga classes, and more. Ubud is also one of the best places to do rice field trekking.

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