Traveling in Bali

It’s time to get away

Just the name alone sounds like some sort of a tropical paradise and to the hundreds of thousands of people who decide to visit each year, it most certainly is. A holiday in Bali means pristine white sand beaches, cheap massages, great food and endless activities to dive into. A recent visit to this beautiful Indonesian island for myself meant all of the above and so much more. Beginning my vacation in Bali, I first headed to the beautiful area of Sanur where I was met with an ideal beachside hotel offering all of the amenities I could have hoped for. Just steps away from the warm sand and a plethora of restaurants, I knew within moments that this was going to be a trip to remember.

Experience the Magic of Bali

After an incredible week in Sanur, I headed to Padangbai where I had heard was home to some of the most incredible scuba diving waters in all of Bali. From the first dive, I understood exactly why…colorful fish, amazing coral and awesome instructors to help guide every step of the way. Though nervous at first, being submerged under the water was surprisingly calming and peaceful being able to watch all the fish go about their days and checking out who we were. The experience I took away from scuba diving in Padangbai was something I know I will never forget and something I would highly recommend to anyone making their way to Bali.

Once the scuba diving was completed, it was now time to head to the infamous crazy party scene of Kuta. Though I had heard stories and read reviews of the craziness of this particular Bali area, nothing had quite prepared me for the immense touristy feeling that seems to exude every inch of this place. Unlike peaceful and quiet Sanur, Kuta was quite crowded, rather busy and much more full of street vendors looking to make a buck or two. Though overwhelming at first, Kuta seemed to get better with each day that passed. The sunsets were absolutely breathtaking, the shopping was ridiculously fun and the restaurants were incredible.

After nearly two weeks in beautiful Bali, I am thrilled to say that I cannot wait to start planning my next trip back and explore other areas that I am certain are just as beautiful as the ones I was able to experience the first tie around.

Written by Janet


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