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Where to Snorkel on Your Bali Holiday?

Bali is known to be a very touristy spot for its beauty and picturesque views. It has surf beaches and is also known as a dive destination for diving enthusiasts. However, if you are not fond of Bali scuba diving, then snorkeling is one of the best things to experience while you are on a Bali holiday. Whether you are a beginner or whether you are professional, you will definitely be fascinated by the marine life that snorkeling in Bali has to offer.

While you are a guest in Bali, you might not know the best Bali snorkeling spots, which is why we have got you covered. We have come up with 6 must-visit snorkeling spots in Bali that will leave you stunned by their beauty. Here they are:

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1. Wreck of the USAT liberty Ship Tulamben


This is one of the coolest snorkeling sites in Bali, it is just like what you see in movies. The USAT liberty torpedoed during World War II and eventually moved towards Bali Tulamben shore. Since then, Bali has been home to this American cargo warship wreck.

The bottom part of the wreck is around 30m deep and mostly only the scuba divers diving in Bali can dive so deep a look at all of it. However, for the people who are snorkeling it is a mesmerizing site because of all the fish population and the shallow parts of the wreck. The coral reefs and fish, both become a snorkeling Bali site that you will never forget.


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2. Manta Rays on Manta Point Nusa Penida Islands

Are you a big fan of Mantas? If yes, then Manta Point in Nusa Penida is the snorkeling spot that you will love for sure. This place has manta rays most of the time and swimming close to them is an experience that is one of its kind. 

However, if you get unlucky and don’t find any mantas then this site can end up a bit boring. But most of the time, you will find the manta rays swimming here and there. Please make sure that you don’t touch them because this can scare them off.

Meanwhile, if you snorkel in Manta Bay, you may have the opportunity to see Manta Rays. Although the Mantas here are usually fewer, and if you find them, they tend to be small.


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3. Menjangan Island

If you specifically want to swim with sea turtles and have a look at the beautiful corals' side by side then you surely need to check out the Menjangan Bali Island. Pos Duas adjoins a sand beach and consists of a coral-encrusted wall which is fascinating on its own because this wall is as deep as 40m.

If you are a beginner at snorkeling, then the “coral garden” is a great spot for you, it consists of flower-like corals which are beautiful. Also, you will get to see many “Nemo fish” and see sea turtles and along with that, you will surely enjoy swimming with them.


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4. Amed Bali

Amed is home to many soft and hard corals gardens and the wrecked WWII Japanese boat patrol ship. Since the top of the ship is only 6m deep most days you can see it from the surface while snorkeling. Stag-horn corals are found all over this wreck and it becomes home to many fish too. 

This spot is great for beginners because you can snorkel and find the wreck here even without a guide. Amed Bali is one of your best spots for snorkeling in Bali.


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5. Blue Lagoon in Padangbai

If you have just begun snorkeling then you cannot miss out on this snorkeling location in Bali. The huge plus point of Blue Lagoon in Padangbai Bali is that you can either access the spot from the beach or by boat. 

You will surely want to get closer to the fish if you are a beginner, and this spot allows you to have a closer look at the fish and swim with them. In Blue Lagoon is usually almost no current, since it is located in a Bay.


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6. Serangan Island Bali 

Unfortunately, sharks have been hunted in Bali for quite some time which is why it becomes difficult to spot them. However, the shark island Serangan Bali has a shark conservation program known as Bali Sharks. This artificial shark island is a place for young sharks and it prevents them from being sold in the market as food. The rescued sharks are released here. If you haven’t experienced swimming with sharks then you surely need to give it a try.

Those are six snorkeling spots in Bali that you should not miss. Get the most unbelievable experiences while snorkeling in Bali by exploring those six spots with OK Divers Bali. Once you explore one of them, you will be addicted to exploring the other ones. If you think that snorkeling in Bali is expensive, then you will rethink again when you find out the prices of snorkeling in Bali.

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