Menjangan Bali Dive Site

Menjangan Bali Dive Site

Approximately thirty five years ago Menjangan Island became Bali's first internationally recognised Bali dive site, famous for its wall-diving with great visibility. At certain times of the year you can see as far as 50 m. Menjangan’s walls generally start at 10m and descend to varying depths. The shallowest are around 26m and the deepest even more than 60m.

Wall diving in Bali

Dive sites here are flooded with sunlight and are full of small nooks and crannies, overhangs, and bigger cavelettes, crevasses which are largely covered with soft corals, sponges and offer the greatest diving diversity of gorgonian fans in Bali. Menjangan Island can be dived all year round and provides some of the best visibility seen in all of Bali's dive sites. Even though Menjangan Island may not offer a wide variety of marine life, massive pelagic or challenging drift dives like other diving in Bali, it is still a reliable site for enjoying some of the best soft corals, gorgonians, standard reef fish species and even its own humble wreck.

Why to dive at Menjangan Bali?

  • The best diving in Bali to enjoy gorgonian fans
  • A famous place in Bali for a great wall dive
  • Menjangan is often classified as one of the best places to dive in South East Asia
  • Some of the best visibility you can find in Bali's dive sites
  • Calm water, no strong currents
  • White sand beaches and great Bali weather
  • Well-kept, protected and monitored marine life

Interesting facts about Menjangan

  • Menjangan is less exposed to the deep upwellings and currents that sweep much of eastern Bali and sheltered from most rainfall.
  • These sheltered conditions are also contributing to great coral growth in this area.
  • Diving started here already in 1978 under the sponsorship of the Indonesian Navy.
  • Marine biologists are still discovering new species here, such as 4 new types of anglerfish.
  • The word "Menjangan" in the Javanese language means "Deer".
  • It is part of the West Bali National Park Conservation Area, which is only national park on the island.
  • The West Bali national park was developed in 1941.
  • Besides diving, the West Bali or Bali Barat national park is known for excellent opportunities for bird watching with over 120 species that can be found here.

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