Bali and Ubud

Major Arts and Culture Centre

Ubud is a considerably small town located at Ubud District, Bali Province, Indonesia. It is a place full of cultural attractions, and it has developed into major tourism industry. The town is about 35 km northeast of Bali’s International Airport. For those who intend to visit Ubud, it is not difficult at all to get there; you can use many different land transportation means including taxi, hotel cars, and even bicycles if you feel like exercising. Trips to Ubud from anywhere in Bali are generally safe experience. Despite the potential danger of motorcyclists, they are actually more tolerant than they may seem.

Visiting Ubud Bali

With so many places worth visiting and attractions you don’t want to miss, you may need to spend at least a week of vacation in Ubud to completely explore what it has to offer. The good thing is that Ubud is centrally located, so it is easy to go from one place to another. Ubud in Bali is home to myriads of cultures, artworks, organic foods, temples, sacred monkeys, and of course, tourist accommodations including hotels and guesthouses. Among many things you can and should do during your holiday in Ubud, you have The Monkey Forest, museum, galleries, botanic garden, temples, art courses, cooking classes, cultural performances, spas, and even yoga class.

The Monkey Forest is home to Balinese long-tailed monkey and three sacred Hindu temples including Pura Dalem Agung Padangtega, Pura Beji or Beji Temple, and Pura Prajapati or Prajapati Temple. Officially named as Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, this place attracts more than 10,000 tourists every month. There is also Bali Bird Park, a 2-hectare aviary park home to more than 250 bird species.

Apart from those, traditional Bali cultural dances are performed for examples Barong Dance, Legong Mahabharata Epic, Tek Tok Dance, and more. Between Kintamani and Ubud, there are organic farms with a wide variety of fruits on site. One of the traditional cooking classes gives lessons about making organic food in Ubud, using only organic and natural ingredients. Yoga in Ubud is just like the norm. There are many buildings or places where you can have yoga classes in Ubud, whether with profit or non-profit organisations such as Anand Ashram@Ubud, Ubud Yoga Centre, The Yoga Barn, etc.

With all its cultural attractions, wildlife, dance performances, temples, organic foods, and the abundance of artworks, it is probably safe to say that a visit to Bali will not be complete unless you end it in Ubud. This place is far from being isolated, but it is somehow ideal to get away from the usual crowd typical in major tourism resorts in Bali. It is indeed a small town yet it is not difficult to get there, and you are provided with civilised accommodations.

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