PADI Advanced open water course in Bali

PADI Advanced course in Bali

PADI Advanced Open Water Course for Enthusiastic Scuba Divers

Are you a water lover who dreams of having a fantastic underwater experience? Is the one big question in your mind on how you will ever achieve this dream? Seat back and you will have all the answers that will lead to your thrilling underwater Bali holiday. Bali diving will give you the best experience in underwater world.

PADI is an acronym for Professional Association of Diving Instructors which is a privately held worldwide corporation that deals with scuba diving training. PADI Open Water Advance course is a course that consists of five adventure dives that help you to become a well-rounded diver. During this course, the divers who want to experience different territories will be spoiled for a choice. The five adventure scuba diving experiences are underwater navigation, deep diver, night diver, underwater photography or underwater naturalist. PADI advance course in Padangbai will ensure that you improve your depth limits and improve your overall diving skills. You do not have to be an experienced diver to take PADI advance, so there is nothing to worry.

The best place to experience this underwater thrill is Bali in Indonesia under the caring watch of our local and international PADI instructors who will make sure that you get the best experience ever. Whether you are an experienced diver or just a leaner, you will have a memorable experience of a lifetime. While taking your advanced course in Bali do not bother looking for a nice place to stay. Willage of Pandangbai is a small gorgeous fishing village that will culminate your diving dream to more than you imagined. There are several scuba diving sites at Pandangbai. They are Blue Lagoon, Silayukti or Shark Point, Drop Off, Jepun, Jetty nd White Sand Beach among others. If you are into underwater photography, then do not miss White Sand Beach and Blue Lagoon sites, which have both soft and hard coral reefs. On the other hand Jepun and Jetty do not have coral reefs cover but ideal for muck dive sites with masses of critters that make your photography experience awesome. If night is the most appealing time for you as a scuba diver, then, Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun is your paradise. You will be able to see most of the crustaceans and fish species, which are rare and which hide during daytime. Juvenile bamboo and cat sharks and Spanish dancers can also be seen at night.

Scuba diving in Bali offers a great way in which to share the picturesque underwater sceneries in this small fishing village of Padabagbai with the whole world. The good thing is that when you take Bali diving courses you will receive your PADI Certification License, which is recognised all over the world. Scuba diving courses in Bali are of very high standards and are done safely by PADI certified professionals hence making diving in Bali the best haven for diving in Indonesia.


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