Do You Really Need A Scuba Diving Insurance?

Security is a priority, not an option

Financial protections come in all sorts of activities from driving on any roads to diving deep underwater. Insurance companies offer many different types of coverage, but most of them do not cover less-than-usual activities, for example diving. Life, health, and accident insurance are available from most companies yet very rarely the included coverage provides financial protections for diving activities.

Diving Insurance on Diving Holiday

Diving insurance is listed under specialty coverage category as scuba diving is considered a hazardous recreational activity. Thus the insurance company creates specific policy that focuses on clients who dive. Thanks to the coverage’s peculiar target, the protection is separated from other policies and this allows you to specify insurance perils associated with diving activities only. Similar to other insurance products, dive insurance allows you to enjoy spending your time under the surface rather than thinking about the financial consequences in case an accident happens. Without a reliable coverage, any sort of unfortunate event during a dive may lead to significant financial problems.

Here are some examples of things you need to pay out of your own pocket if you don’t have the dive insurance:

  • Cost for transport from the dive site to the hospital.
  • Cost for medical treatment, physical therapy or rehabilitation and above all the hyperbaric chamber treatments.
  • Transportation cost in case you have to be flown back home.
  • Fines in case you are found responsible for causing injury to another diver.
  • Purchasing new gears because yours got stolen or damaged.

All of those can happen from one single incident only, and the overall cost you might need to spend may reach thousands of dollars.

Most of the guests who come diving with us in Padangbai are already skilled divers who know the benefits of being properly insured. However for those who want to discover scuba diving or do their PADI open water diver course with us, we provide assistance in getting insured for right on the spot in Padangbai.

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OK Divers is proud to work with DAN (Divers Alert Network), a worldwide recognized and respected dive safety association. Their dive accident insurance program has been the industry leader for many years providing high-quality assistance & guidance to the divers. Scuba diving is a unique recreational activity, one that we strongly encourage you to try out while on you visit Padangbai. However one must be aware of the risks and the costs that might come with it if something goes wrong. Knowing that you are properly covered and ready for anything makes you relax and embrace the diving experience with a peace of mind.

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