Divemaster Internship in Padangbai

Discovering Bali Under Water

The small town of Padangbai located in East Bali is known for its nice atmosphere and serene and beautiful diving. Aside from its calmness ideal for little walks by the beach, it boasts of diving and snorkelling areas that indulge the adventurous side of you. And what better way to enjoy exploring the underwater of Padangbai than to dive into it?

Divemaster Internship in Padangbai

Take your scuba diving hobby to a new level and fulfil your divemaster dreams by taking this opportunity of enrolling in a PADI divemaster internship in Bali. The internship program serves as the first training program for divemaster aspirants since it equips you with the proper knowledge and skills required of a divemaster. Throughout the internship, you will be asked to work closely with professional divers to learn from them hands-on the abilities of a divemaster. What better way to learn a skill than applying it? The divemaster internship at OK Divers in Padangbai promotes a method of learning by doing. This is also to adjust the learning progress through one’s own pace. One cannot learn a skill as action-packed as scuba diving by just being confined in theory. One must immerse himself into the activity and apply it firsthand. And this is what the PADI divemaster internship offers you – a road to being a professional divemaster by actually working as a divemaster but with assistance from a pro, of course.

After completing the course, you become a certified divemaster who can use his interest in scuba diving for recreation and also as a career. The internship does not only provide training for diving, but also improve your interpersonal skills. Being a divemaster entails working with people since one can either be to teach student divers or to guide amateur divers how to go about underwater. The work will be similar to a tour guide but doing it instead underwater. It will be a fulfilling job since it allows you to appreciate the beauty of a world not often visited by many, and even share such beauty with others. 

The divemaster internship in Bali is not only a great avenue for learning, but also serves as a preview of what entails a life of a PADI Divemaster. Aside from the added skill and knowledge and the adrenaline rush, this program allows you to relax and feel free roaming and exploring the waters by being part of it. One of the best underwater views is those located in Padangbai’s pristine waters and a seabed adorned with coral reefs. Swim with the manta rays, sunfish, turtles, sharks dive on the wreks in Tulamben or Amed and enjoy the Southeast Asian waters with this once in a lifetime opportunity. Transform your passion into a career and become divemaster with OK Divers


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