Villa CASA Doudou


Residence Casa Doudou is built from several standalone houses, which are sensitively incorporated into the surrounding countryside. Just a few meters from the sea, it offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean waves from each section.

Beach house

A few steps down the road in front of the house, on the right side is a private beach house. It includes a wooden pier with access to the ocean. The house has sand and wooden terrace, ideal for yoga, sunbathing and relaxing by the sea. BBQ staff or a romantic sunset dinner are available on request.

Villa Kingfisher

The main residence has two floors. On the upper floor there are two bedrooms, each with separate external and internal bathrooms. Between them is a fully equipped kitchen with living room. There are comfortable seats on the terrace where Julia Roberts used to sit during the filming of “Eaat, Pray, Love” and was given to the former owner as a reward for assisting in filming. From the terrace is a beautiful view of the waves of the Indian Ocean. At the bottom is a study room with a computer with printer and copier. In the back of the study is a TV room / Home cinema with a DVD, a bue-ray player and a relatively rich film library. The fully equipped gym with a BIO sauna is located opposite the office.

In the middle part of the lower floor there is another spacious room with a separate bathroom.

JAVA house and Swimming pool

In the middle of the plot is located pool house, forming the heart of the house. “Java house” is imported from Java island, dating back to 1899. On the terraces of the Java House we usually meet, have breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a kitchen in the back and a toilet on the other side. The whole area is completed by a 15m long swimming pool, inlaid with stone from Himalaya. An ideal place to refresh and relax.

Meditation house

On the left side of the JAVA house there is a meditation house. You can relax and silence your thoughts here. You can meditate, of course, anywhere on the plot on differently located relaxation platforms.

Villa Kollibri

Detached house Hummingbird. It is equipped with a separate bedroom with outdoor and indoor bathroom, which is located stone bath. The Kolibrik features a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area and a TV. In front of the house is a large terrace with a lounger and rattan seating from where there is also a beautiful view of the ocean.

SPA and Cabanon du Peinture

Behind Kolibrík you will find a two-storey building Casa Doudou SPA, the bottom of which is carved in the rock and has a massage room with a copper bath. Above it is a Balinese-style painting studio. The painting studio has a magnificent panoramic view between the palms of the palms and the open ocean.


Area Casa Doudou
  • 10 Capacity of persons
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 6 Bathrooms
  • 7 The Staff
  • 1000m2 of the House
  • 2000m2 of the Garden
  • 15m pool lenght
  • Wifi
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