OK Divers Transferwise

Transferwise - International money transfers made smart

When it comes to sending money abroad, especially to Indonesia, it seems the banks just don’t know the limits for the fees. Being a PADI 5-star dive resort in Bali, where we welcome guests from all over the world, we were looking for a convenient, cheap and safe way for our guests to book their Bali diving holidays.

In Transferwise we have found a reliable provider for international money transfers, that our guests have been successfully using for over a year. Transferwise is a UK based money transfer company, that offers the cheapest exchange rates and a clear upfront fee, which is way lower compared to a regular bank. Although the actual transfer takes a couple of days, using Transferwise is easy and convenient for both the sender and the recipient.

Start by choosing your and the recipient’s currency and the amount you wish to send or you wish the recipient to receive.


OK Divers Resort & Spa Payment Details for Hotel reservations are:

- Reference name/Company name: PT Relax Enjoy Recharge
- Business address: 
Jl. Silayukti 6, Padangbai, 808 72, Bali, Indonesia
- Recipient Email address:
reservation [at] okdiversresort.com
- Bank Account:
- Account Number: 1450011999113
- Swift Code: BMRIIDJA
- Bank Address: Jl. Diponegoro, No. 49, Klungkung, 80716, Bali

OK Divers How Transferwise work