OK Divers About Us

Welcome to OK Divers

OK Divers is owned by Radka and Rudo & Elena. Originally from Czech Republic and Slovakia it was the pure and instant love of diving that brought them together and made them all consider settling in Bali.

Radka has been living and working on Bali since early 2000 giving her a large wealth of knowledge and experience, not only about Bali’s amazing underwater life but also that of its beautiful lifestyle on the land. Starting OK Divers with her former partner in 2003, with safe diving practices and good old fashioned customer service they quickly became one of the most successful dive operators in the Bali, Karangasem area and to this day OK Divers is still at the top of the list when it comes to customer satisfaction. Radka and her previous partner managed OK Divers until late 2011 and in Early 2012, after already being a part of the OK Divers team for nearly three years Rudo and Elena joined with Radka to become business partners. Using the combination of Radka’s wealth of knowledge and Rudo and Elena’s new ideas, the OK Divers team continues to strive provide a genuine and amazing experience for all of our guests.

At OK Divers our business is to provide and organize diving and non-diving holidays on Bali and around Indonesia for guests from all around the world. All of us here are more than happy to use the experiences of living and sustaining a long running business in Indonesia to the benefit of the guest to try and help make peoples time here more enjoyable and unforgettable. OK Divers first opened the amazing underwater world of Bali to its guest in 2002 in the Tulamben area and now with more than a decade of experience and strong passion for diving we became one of the first PADI 5 star resorts in the Padang Bai area. At OK Divers we provide a high focus on safety without taking the fun out of diving. Personal contact and an individual approach are very important to all of our team members and we all do our best to accommodate the needs of all our customers. We all go to great lengths to try and make every guest becomes part of the OK Divers family and try to make sure you are still smiling for a long time to come after your time with us.

Elena - Rudo - Radka