Scuba Diving Bali Padangbai

5 reasons why we love scuba diving in Padangbai

Not known by many, the small bay of Padangbai on the central east coast of Bali, offers one of Indonesia’s best spots for scuba diving. We at OK Divers have been diving them for many years now. Let us share with you few of the many reasons why we will never get enough of it.

Peace & (almost) quiet

No cell phone ringing, no incoming emails, no chatty companions… Unless you find yourself in a wild current with challenging conditions, the underwater world in Padangbai is a marvelous place of peacefulness. One might think that it is also totally quiet, but not quite. Sound does indeed travel underwater, yet you might have difficulties in recognizing where it is coming from or how far the object or animal may be. However what you will hear most of the time is your own steady breathing, and that itself has a calming effect.

Healthy corals & marine diversity

Although Padangbai dive sites are close to the shore and the ferry harbor, most of them are in an amazingly healthy shape. Divers can spot hundreds of marine spieces in popular dive sites such as Bias Tugal, Jepun, Silayukti Point, Drop off, Padangbai Jetty and more.

Accessibility of the dive sites

OK Divers Resort & Spa is a diving resort located right at the Padangbai beach. What stands between us and the refreshing moment when we actually go down under the surface, is only a sand line and a 5-minute boat ride. Moreover our porters carry all the guests’ diving equipment for them so the only thing you need to do is to hop in the wetsuit and booties, grab your mask and fins and walk 20m to one of our boats.

We make new friends every day

At OK Divers we absolutely love the fact that diving brings people together. And what merry people they are. Divers from all over the world come to scuba dive in Padangbai and it doesn’t matter whether they are beginners or professional instructors, business men or gardeners, men or women. It is our passion to show the Padangbai dive sites to any curious diver, guide them, assist them and point out the beautiful critters that reside these waters. We have them in mind too when we speak about making new friends. Having dived these spots countless times, we already know many of their most important inhabitants very well and are always happy to see them again.

There is something for everyone

One of the many advantages of diving in Padangbai is that the dive sites are diverse. Thus whether we do an introduction dive (Discover Scuba Diving), teach an open water diver course, or accompany a skilled underwater photographer, Padangbai truly can be everyone’s cup of tea.