Why Choose OK Divers


Why Choose OK Divers ?

  • At OK Divers we believe we are not just OK and there isn’t a word that will explain your time here

  • Safety is not just another word used to sell something at OK Divers, it is something we all take very seriously whilst still making sure we keep the fun in diving

  • Bali has some of the most amazing diving in the world and from our doorstep at OK Divers in Padang Bai we have access to a range of diving to suite any divers taste

  • Value for Money, we try to provide the highest quality service, facilities and experiences to make sure you get exactly what you paid for

  • Nothing beats experience and with more than a decade’s worth of diving and living in Bali we are able to provide a special touch to your trip, whether it is a diving holiday or relaxing vacation

  • Whether you are with us for only a day or a whole month we make it our mission to make sure everyone becomes part of the OK Divers family

  • With our new establishment and transport you will be sure to spend any free time or organized excursions trips in pure comfort whilst having the option to dine on exquisite food in the adjoining restaurant