Average Weather in Bali

Bali is a good holiday destination any time of year because it has basically good weather all year round. From April to October the island has the least rain, lots of sun and the lowest humidity. From November to March there is more rainfall but rain is often immediately followed by sunny clear skies. The humidity during this time is bit higher and you may feel the “heaviness” of the air. Bali's central mountains or volcanoes have few peaks bit over 3,000 meters above the sea level and temperatures up there are considerably cooler with much more rainfall than on the coast.

When is the best weather in Bali?

Bali is located about 8 degrees below the equator therefore being so close to the equator means Bali is warm year-round and it has tropical, warm and humid climate. Both seasons in Bali (wet and dry) offer their pluses and minuses and the price of vacation in Bali is definitely being one of them.

Bali dry Season

Bali's dry season officially starts in May and ends in October. During this time southeast winds bring dry air from Australia. In dry season you should expect warm days, blue sunny sky and in the evenings, especially on the coast and in the highlands refreshing cool breeze. During this time there is less humidity, good surfing waves and you can see the famous mola mola if you like to do some diving in Bali. Dry season is great time for tracking too and Batur sunrise tour is really a must. But remember everyone else wants to visit Bali in dry season too, so expect busy island time. Hotels, restaurants, beaches and even Bali Dive sites may be bit overloaded with people which obviously make resort prices higher especially during the peak in July and August.

Are you a scuba diver? Check our Mola Mola Special Bali Diving the best diving adveture for Bali dry season.

Bali rainy season

Even during the rainy season Bali is still great place for vacation. It is way less crowded and cheaper too. In wet season from November to April Bali's average temperature is around 31 degrees, but the weather feels way steamier and the skies are often overcast. The weather during wet season in Bali is very unpredictable. Sometimes it rains for an hour and the sun comes back out, but sometimes you have days of constant rain but you would need to be very unlucky if you coming here at least for a week for it to be overcast the entire time. Anyway the rain is often a welcome relief from the heat and humidity. The room prices in Bali hotels are during the rainy season usually at their lowest. In terms of service and hospitality, you will get more and better attention everywhere you go.

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What to wear during the wet season?

Pack light clothes made from breathable fabrics. We recommend clothes made out of cotton, silk or linen as they are cool and suitable for Bali’s wet season humid conditions. Pack a plain PVC raincoat it is light and it provides perfect rain cover without being too warm, either. Remember to bring sandals.

What to do in Bali during the rainy season?

As we said travel and accommodation costs are generally lower during the rainy season so yu can get or do more and spend less money.