On the Way to Gili Trawangan

Boat ot the Bali sea

Great journeys – fascinating places - Gili Islands Bali

If you're going abroad this summer make sure you will have the best holiday and visit as many places as you can. Actually, if you are in Bali and your are going to Gilis, you should stop in willage of Padangbai. Despite its small size and tranquil atmosphere t... Reed More


Padangbai white sand beach

Just a Smile Away

For the regular visitors and backpack photographers, Bali offers limitless opportunities to picture nature’s beautiful sceneries. For divers, however, the island and its surrounding areas have treasures to be found underwater. OK Divers, one of the major diving operators in Bali island, is a prime example to show how diving in Bali can be both spor... Reed More

Why to Stop in Padangbai

Why to Stop in Padangbai

Spending a night in Padangbai?

It is true that most visitors to willage of Padangbai only spend time in the place to catch a ferry or speed boat to Lombok and Gilis. Nevertheless, some of them can really appreciate the attractions of Padangbai and how it is different from many other tourism resorts areas in Bali. Besides its quietness and traditional atmosphere, Padangbai and Nusa Penida has gr... Reed More

Bali and Ubud

Bali Ubud Monkey Forest

Major Arts and Culture Centre

Ubud is a considerably small town located at Ubud District, Bali Province, Indonesia. It is a place full of cultural attractions, and it has developed into major tourism industry. The town is about 35 km northeast of Bali’s International Airport. For those who intend to visit Ubud, it is not difficult at all to get there; you can use ma... Reed More

Wedding in Bali

Bali wedding on the beach

It’s all about the day

Wedding ceremony is certainly one of the most sacred things in everybody’s life. People want it to be sublime, full of memories, inspiring, and beautiful. Fortunately, there are many ways and places to celebrate it; you can even have a wedding celebration in a beach if you want to. A white sand beach wedding is not only surprisingly different,... Reed More