How to Choose a Reliable Dive Centre

Great Dive Shops - Great choices.

Diving adventure has always been a sought-after experience during holiday seasons in many tourist resorts around Bali. It allows you to enjoy the normally-invisible sights of underwater beauty although you usually have to go deep enough to get the most of it. Scuba diving in general is not something anybody can do; it requires train... Reed More

Making Your Scuba Diving Dreams Come True

OK Divers Resort Restaurant & Bar Colonial

We invite you to try it

If you want to go on a vacation to an exotic island while having the chance to do something exciting, such as scuba diving, then you must travel Bali. Here you will find the OK Divers Resort and Spa, ready to offer you everything you might need for your diving holiday. Comfortable accommodation, a poolside restaurant with unique ambienc... Reed More

Traveling in Bali

Traveling in Bali East Bali

It’s time to get away

Just the name alone sounds like some sort of a tropical paradise and to the hundreds of thousands of people who decide to visit each year, it most certainly is. A holiday in Bali means pristine white sand beaches, cheap massages, great food and endless activities to dive into. A recent visit to this beautiful Indonesian island for myself meant... Reed More

Where to Surf in Bali

Surfing Kuta in Bali

Live long & Surf

Bali has the perfect waves that make surfing a highly pleasurable activity not only for the beginner surfers but also for the experienced ones. Because of this fact, Bali surfing is popular around the world. If you are going for a vacation in Bali then read on to learn the perfect beaches where you could surf and experience the thrill of riding... Reed More

Must do Things in Bali

Must do Things in Bali

A Destination for the New Millennium

Bali is an island where you are able to experience a unique mixture of rich culture and natural beauty. This fact encourages many families to opt for a Holiday in Bali. Apart from families, many travellers and couples like to choose a Bali vacation. Even a regular daily common thing, such as the sunset, is so romantic that Bali i... Reed More