New Suunto D4i Novo

Diving Computer Suunto D4i Novo

Suunto is the way

Have you been thinking of buying a new diving computer? In OK Divers we really like the new Suunto D4 Novo. We honestly prefer the new look of the D4i Novo compared to the D4i. Although the changes are more of cosmetic ones this time, it still gives the unit a bit of a makeover. The D4i Novo continues to be a great all rounder with plenty of functions at a great price. The Novo still includes three dive... Reed More

Fantasea Housing for Canon G15


When I am walking the dry land I usually take pictures with my Cannon D40. Over the years I collected nice selection of macro, tele and wide lenses so obviously it was quite tempting to consider to take this nice set under water. But if one is not willing to spent thousands of euros on custom made aluminium housing than you need to by able to make some... Reed More