Lila’s Bali Diary

Lili in the OK Divers Pool

A tasty burger is what you deserve

People who know me well (but also those who don’t know me so well) know that my ,,relationship” with food is really special. In my case it’s just 100% true, that the way to my heart is through my stomach. I feel instant happiness when eating food. Or, to be exact, when eating GOOD food. My obsession with food is well known. A rathe... Reed More

What You Should Know About Nitrox Diving

Nitrox Diver bottle on Boat

Nitrox gives you longer bottom times

Diving with Nitrox is still considered relatively new, although it was invented in the 1950s and was introduced to recreational diving around 20 years ago. More and more divers find it very practical to dive with enriched air. Unfortunately, we regularly see that there is still a lot of confusion about some of its aspects. For example, some divers think that nitrox provides them w... Reed More

DIN or Yoke Regulator?

DIN vs Yoke regulators

Buy your Scuba Gear

If you are a scuba diver, you need to have a clear understanding about the difference that exists between a DIN and a yoke regulator. At the first glance, you would realize that the way they are attached to the tank is different from one another. In other words, the Yoke regulator fits over the top portion of your tank with a tightening screw whe... Reed More

Mouthpiece For Diving Regulator

How to choose the right diving regulator mouthpiece

Choosing a regulator mouthpiece

Just like with any other activity, having the right pieces of equipment that will make you feel comfortable while enjoying what you like to do most is highly important. When you are scuba diving, among the items you have that count for your comfort but also safety is the regulator mouthpiece. Picking the right piece can help you bette... Reed More


what diving computer is right for me

How To Choose A New Dive Computer?

Similar to most sport-oriented computers, a dive computer is a device to provide real-time feedback of many variables to ensure optimum and most of all safe diving experience. One of its main functions is to perform continuous calculations of depth and time, produce alerts for possible excessive ascent rates, and NDL (no-decompress... Reed More