How I fell in love with diving in Padangbai

Padangbai divig

My happy place

In September of 2014 a friend and I embarked on a year-long trip to, and around Asia. It had been a life-long dream to travel by rail from London to Shanghai via Bejing, so we set off to make the dream a reality before being let loose on all of the wonders that this magnificent region has to offer. After  2 months of hard travelling... Reed More

Night Diving in Padangbai

Night diving padangbai

Night Dives in Bali are special

OK Divers are TripAdvisors No. 1 rated business for things to do in Padangbai and can take your Bali vacation to another world, underwater! Our team of highly experienced scuba diving instructors will make you feel... Reed More

Safe Diving in Padangbai

Turtle in Padangbai

Stay Alert – Don't Get Hurt

Have you ever dreamed of diving in Bali? The world’s oceans are vast, beautiful, exciting and at times mysterious and teeming with life and so much to explore. Many of us have visited a beach at one point in our lives, but have yet to dive far beneath the waves and immerse ourselves in the wonder of everything living beneath the waves. If you have never been scuba di... Reed More

Where to Dive in Padangbai

Diving in Bali Padangbai

Diving is like lifeline

Padangbai is one of the most popular destination in Bali when it comes to scuba diving and transport to Gili. This village does have beaches, ocean, temples just like many other places in the Bali island, but Padangbai is still rather quiet and full of traditional appeals. There is no luxurious nightlife although you can already find some fan... Reed More

Scuba Diving in Padangbai with Non-Diver

Bali Rice Fields sunset

Every day is different

Diving is one of the best ways to spend your holiday in Bali. The island of Bali offers many popular dive sites in many of its beaches and diverse marine life to accompany your time underwater. Unlike the usual tourism resorts located in the big cities and well-developed areas of the island, the best Bali dive sites are in more remote location... Reed More